I can’t stop sniffing myself

Ugh I still don’t know which way to go on capitalizing, guys.  Capital letters seem real official, and this is but a place for me to tell you about the things I put in, on, and around my body.

My friend Amanda, who also is my coworker (as are most of my friends), has a bit of a perfume obsession.  I admire and respect that in a person, as I have many obsessions of my own.  I want to be a perfume person, but I usually forget to put it on and I’m always afraid of offending someone who has allergies, or just has poor taste in perfumes (because I would only ever wear something amazing, obviously).  She had amassed quite the collection of fragrance samples, and they were the good kind, in little bottles and tubes, not like scented strips yanked from magazines.  She gifted me with her cache a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been spritzing things on for any occasion, including arriving home from work, going to bed, and walking past the hallway closet in which the vials are stored.  I probably don’t have a great idea of what any perfume actually smells like, because they have now overlapped 3 and 4 times, creating scents I’ll never be able to duplicate.


These are not even all of them!

The other day when I went to Marrakesh, the dude at the counter had a lot to say about how I smelled, including “You smell like you just got out of the shower!” and “When you walked in it was like you brought a breath of fresh air with you!”, so I had to rack my brain to remember what the hell I’d doused myself in before work.  Retracing my steps, I decided it was a combination of Rub Rub Rub, Silky Underwear, French Lavender & Honey, and a squirt from a tiny bottle of Replica Beach Walk (courtesy of the above sack o’ smells).  I own all the other things in full sizes, so when I got to work I accosted Amanda and shouted “OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT REPLICA PERFUME”, because I was just really excited, I guess.  After the shock of my shouting wore off, she was like, “Is it Beach Walk? Because if so, I have it in full size and can sell it to you real cheap.”  We settled on the extremely reasonable price of $35 (which if you clicked the link above, you will understand is an unheard-of bargain), and I now own a dang ol’ full size bottle of this stuff.  I have tried to use it sparingly but it just smells so damn good, which is what made me exclaim today’s title while at the office.

So some things that happened today were great, and some things were very dumb.  For an example of a very dumb thing, on the way to work there was not only a lane closure, but also a natural gas leak! After everyone figured out how to merge again (they seemed to have forgotten even though we just did this yesterday!  Poor things!), there was also a detour that took me a few blocks outside of my usual path, so I was again late to work. If you’re my boss, please don’t fire me.  I even took a picture of the cops and firetrucks blocking the road, you know, to prove it all actually happened, but then the cop waved at me to go and I didn’t want them to yell at me for using my phone in traffic so I dropped it and hit the gas but released the clutch too fast and stalled out, and then had to restart the car, all right in front of the cop who had just seen me taking pictures while driving. Luckily I did not end up arrested, which you already know since presumably one cannot blog while in the clink.


See? Told you.

As I may have mentioned, Zach is out of town half of every week.  He flew back to town today and got in early enough to come have lunch with me, so that goes in the “Great” column in today’s ledger.  It happened to be Take Your Kid to Work Day, and Tomeka’s kid and husband were also at the office.  Since we were all there we decided to eat together, and Amanda of the perfume obsession, let’s call her “Perfumanda” (just go with it) also joined us.  We went downstairs and decided to try Botiwalla, which opened at PCM pretty recently.

Botiwalla is run by the same folks who do Chai Pani in downtown Decatur, of which we are big fans.  The menu is slightly different, but there’s still lots of good stuff like my absolute fave, corn bhel.  It’s a corn salad, topped with corn flakes, filled with deliciousness.  We also split some lamb burgers and a chicken tikka roll, and a couple sodas; the Nimbu Pani (lime, simple syrup, soda, salt) and the Pineapple Turmeric (which I don’t have a photo of but it was orange in color and soda-like, and I did not care for it though it grew on me with subsequent sips).  The food was great, the company was better, and it was nice to sit outside for a while.  Especially before it’s 100 degrees every day and I wish I was dead.

Okay have you guys heard of this plugin called the Cloud to Butt Plus?  Yes, it was really hard not to add a G in that final word but I managed!  That will be the most mature thing in this whole paragraph.  It’s installed on my laptop, and it is the best $0.00 I ever spent.  I end up nearly in tears at least once a week since I installed it, due to the replacement of the word “cloud” with “butt”.  Here are two examples that made me lose my shit today (please click to embiggen if you need to, that should probably work).


And I will wrap this up with an outfit, as is my custom.  I’ve had this dress for a few months and have only worn it one other time and didn’t even get a photo (a tragedy!), so I figured blogging is a good excuse to pull it out again.  The boozy print is really cute, even though I can barely look at a vodka drink without ill effects anymore.  The shoes were in my cart for a while on the ‘Zon and when they got to be half of their normal price I couldn’t wait anymore and gave them a forever home.  The belt is It’s Fashion, the earrings are Target from a few years ago.  They’re actually my second pair of these exact ones because I loved them so much I knew I’d want replacements if they ever got compromised. When I finally threw away the first pair, I wore these one time before the thread started to unravel.  Lesson: never plan for anything, life is an asshole.

Get them clicks in, y’all, and talk to you later.  Bye.


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