I said nothing interesting or funny today, so day-related puns are my titular muse right now I guess.  Heh, titular.  It’s impossible to say to what degree Beavis and Butthead shaped my sense of humor, except that it’s definitely some, and not none.

Last night Zach, Perfumanda, and I went out for dinn.  Almost exactly a year ago we all went out for ramen at a place way the hell out in Gwinnett called Umaido.  It was delicious, but I am a real scaredy cat about many international cuisines, so it wasn’t really worth the drive all the way out to Suwanee.  A year is a long time though, and in that time I got slightly less scared of weird-to-me foods (only like 1% less), and the Umaido people opened another noodle shack but this one is a lot closer to where we live.

Hajime is just as fun to say as Umaido, and was pretty damn delicious.  And did not require my road trip essentials, because it’s just over on Cheshire Bridge Rd.  I ordered some ebi gyoza (shrimp dumplings) and ultra spicy ramen, level 2. Perfumanda got Level 1.  Each of us enjoyed our spice levels, and the red noodles. Zach got some Cabbage ramen, which I thought would be awful but was somehow delicious.  The best part of going out for ramen is, of course, getting to take a photo of it and post it online so that people think you eat interesting things.  I hereby admit that I gave Zach all of my pork and my weird egg, and I just ate noodles and onions.  The dumps, on the other hand, I could have eaten all of.  They came out after the soups did but they were garlicky and light and I could eat Konishiki’s weight in them.

Today’s dress was courtesy of my fave Facebook clothing group, which actually now is sort of terrible and not my favorite anymore now that I think about it.  It had about 3,000 people when I joined and is now up to over 7,800.  For a while I was like “Aw yiss, this group is getting bigger so there will be more clothes for me to buy!” and while there are certainly more clothes, they are all pretty crappy. I’m not even an admin and I find myself commenting, “that doesn’t belong here” on new posts, which is just….man, I need a hobby.

The dress was from ModCloth a few years ago.  The belt came from Amazon.  The shoes came from Ebay but are Isaac Mizrahi.  I wasn’t going to link to them because I thought there was no way in hell there’d be any available but 1) there are and 2) they are apparently from QVC which is adorable.  I think it’s so quaint that things like TV shopping networks and dudes who buy used panties exist.  But that’s a good blog idea for another time!  TO BE CONTINUED.  Oh and also vote for me.  I feel like I’m just phoning it in at this point (or texting it in?  Orrrr whatever takes even less effort than that-ing it in) because I’m clearly not going to win but just quitting outright seems so final.  And I’m no quitter!  I’m more of a gradually-stop-returning-calls-er.




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