More butt stuff

You guys I’m not even kidding, that cloud-to-butt app is the best thing the internet ever gave me, and I met my husband and most of my friends online. Okay fine, it ranks after Zach, my job, and 5 of my friends.  But it’s still SUPER FUNNY OMG.  Just look at these incredible examples that literally had me in tears.

So this week I did all my blogging on my lunch breaks, but I’m not sure how I feel about that schedule.  It was nice to not have any computer shit to do after work, but I feel like I whipped through these things too fast since I was in a hurry.  But maybe you guys prefer 400 words to 1,000, considering most of them are “shit” and “coffee” and “ModCloth.” The thing is, I’ve been posting outfit photos to Instagram for so long and I can’t decide if it’s better to post one there and then write here whenever, or try to do them at the same time so that I can direct people to my blog when I post to Instagram.  I feel bad posting an outfit twice on IG but maybe some people only see it once.  I don’t know how regular people even use Instagram!  I try to look at my whole feed every day but it can take over a half hour to get caught up sometimes.  I used to get caught up on all of Facebook every time I looked at it but now it’s all The Atlantic and Buzzfeed so I just scroll for a little while and assume if something important happens I’ll hear about it eventually.  If you have thoughts or opinions about a posting schedule please holla at ya girl.  Which is me.  Alison.

UGGGHH I just got home and there was an Amazon order waiting for me but it’s the wrong damn thing.  And I ordered a dress on Poshmark a week ago that still hasn’t shipped, and I have a feeling the item in question does not actually exist. And I still have my bra and shoes on even though I’m at home, so everything is all wrong!

Okay so before I am nude and out of things to tell you, let’s discuss what I’m wearing. Spoiler alert: clothes.  Some from ModCloth. I got this skirt in my Facebook clothing swap group, and I paid too much for it because I thought it was discontinued.  Imagine my surprise when ModCloth restocked it pretty much the day after I got this one in the mail. How lucky.  I guess I should have done a close-up but in case you can’t tell, there are some gnomes and their mushroom homes around the border. I got the top on Amazon, because I am determined to see exactly how much stuff they can provide without my having to shop elsewhere or leave the house.  Shoes are also from Amazon, and they’re Swedish Hasbeens. Oh and the belt is from Amazon too.  I think the earrings came from It’s Fashion, but they could be Burlington Coat Factory. Either way they were the only ones so if you go lookin’ for ’em you’ll be sorely disappointed.  You can borrow these though, if you promise not to mess them up and to return them promptly.



Okay this bra is nearing its 11th hour which is apt because if I don’t take this shit off now I’m afraid it may just meld with my body which I will not stand for, so I bid you adieu and hope you have the best weekend ever.


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