Chicken fings and other things

Like most people, there are definitely things I’ve said in the past that I continue to be embarrassed about ages after they happened.  Like that time I interviewed for a job circa 2003, and answered “So tell us what you know about Waste Management” with “Tell me what you know about Waste Management”.  I didn’t get that job, surprisingly.  I have the added bad habit of replaying things in my head that seemed absolutely hilarious at the time and didn’t get nearly enough credit or mileage.  For example, one time my parents and I were at White Castle and I saw chicken rings on the menu. I guffawed and quipped, “So do those go on chicken fingers?”  But the cashier was not amused, and neither were my parents.  Sigh.

Chicken rings gross me right out, but I’m quite fond of their digits.  Zach had been wanting to make some Indian-spiced fried chicken for a while, so last night we had some folks over to help us eat it all.  Since my boo takes excellent care of my dietary whims, he made a bunch of boneless chicken strips and gave them the same masala treatment.  I wasn’t there for the whole thing, but I believe he soaked the bird bits in buttermilk, then added some traditional Indian spices.  But maybe there’s more to it and I missed some of the steps.

In addition to the chicken, he also put together a home version of the corn bhel I love so much from Chai Pani & Botiwalla, and some saffron rice.  Oh AND he made some cilantro mint chutney, which added an herbaceous enhancement to the chicken.  If my husband were a restaurant, I’d rate him 5 stars all day long.  One day I will invest in a better light source but until that happens I will continue to apologize for my lack of food photography skillz.



This morning I felt like a pile of garbage topped with doodoo and I really thought about calling in sick or at least trying to work from home.  But I had this outfit all planned out and it was so cute that I dragged my sorry ass into work.  There was a chicken biscuit here waiting for me, and I risked an encounter with Mr Mean Barista (he wasn’t there, yay!) to get a big-ass vanilla rosemary latte.  Between that and the aspirin I loaded up on, I’m feeling much better.  But if someone wants to come rub on my back for a while I won’t complain (lookin’ at you, Zach!).

I had ordered a dress from ModCloth that looked awful on me so I returned it and got a credit. They give you $5 extra in store credit if you choose that instead of a refund, and I usually go for that option since I know they will never run out of things I want to buy. Between that credit and some money I had in my PayPal account from selling clothes, I got this top and skirt FOR FREEEEEEEEE.  Okay that is abusing the meaning of the word free, but you get the gist.  These shoes by Miz Mooz are some of my favorite but they squeak loudly with every single step so I avoid wearing them.  Like nearly always, the belt is from Cato and the earrings are It’s Fashion.

Okay this episode of Lunch Break Bloggin’ is coming to a close.  I have to go marinate on where I want to eat lunch with my boss tomorrow.  If you have ideas, let me know. Caveats: must be local and under a million dollars.  You’re the best.


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