I Don’t Think I Can Wear Clothes All Day

Okay first of all, do you capitalize blog post titles?  Perhaps one of my former teachers will read this and drop some learning on me!  Or I could Google it. Today’s title was a direct quote from my own mouth, after eating what turned out to be too many tacos, a limit I previously thought did not exist.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, there was an intense taco bar (accompanied by Jarritos, churros, and flan, in addition to the tacos, chips, guac, salsa, etc., all the foods you associate with tacos, forever) and a mariachi band at work.  I was having a stressful morning because, okay, I will try to make this into fewer sentences than the one run-on I was planning, starting NOW.

My work schedule is 12-8 (or sometimes 11-8 depending on certain factors that are boring to you).  Since I clock in and out, my goal is to be at work as closely to my start time as possible.  I mean I love being there with all my friends and snacks, but I also feel stingy about my unpaid time for some (probably very mature) reason.  I have an alarm on my phone that tells me to leave the house at 11:12, but since I am the one who sets that alarm and therefore am aware of the built-in cushion, I also know that I don’t really need to leave the house until 11:22 or so, and I get 10 more minutes of dawdling time.  I left the house at a reasonable time, but one lane of the two-lane road I take to work was closed and that slowed things down considerably.  Additionally, most people are really dumb assholes who don’t know how to drive, so I was raging out on my commute. Before we commuters all figured out the lane was closed, there was this car who I totally took a photo of but decided not to post in case the driver is someone I work with (I learned that lesson the hard way already and my goal with this blog is twofold; 1. learn WordPress, 2. not get fired), who decided that they would just drive in between both lanes for a while, and it made me really mad at the time but now seems like a waste of increased blood pressure.  So after yelling things at that car like, “YOU HAVE TO PICK A LANE OH MY GODDDDD” and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO SERIOUSLY WHATTTTTTTTTT ARE YOU DOOOOOINGGGGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHH” and then merging into one lane, I was feeling pretty cranky and ready for some tacos to come and take my stress away.  OH AND!  This is the worst part, really.  There was this graffiti on the wall of a railroad tunnel that I loved passing every day, because someone first spray painted, “ART IS LIFE” but then someone came after them and added a big “F” in front of it, and the word “to” above it all.  TO FART IS LIFE.  As of this morning, it has been painted over, and I never even got to ‘gram it.

When I got to work, I walked in and was suddenly in line for lunch.  Too excited by the options and lacking adequate time to plan, I slopped a bunch of vaguely-Mexican ingredients on my sectioned plastic plate, ate it all, and regretted my life choices.  My remorse wasn’t for the food, which was muy delicioso, but for the choice to go with 2 crunchy tacos, 1 soft, and then a heap of guac, olives, cheese, and sour cream.  I started out with a game plan, but then the line got long and I felt a lot of pressure to perform and I cracked.  I just wanted to put food on my plate, and then get it into my stomach as quickly as possible. I was so laser-focused on my goal that I only remembered to get a photo of the setup after everyone ate, and even the cute lady from Tacos & Tequila who was doing the catering was like, “You should have done this before, when it was nice!”.

The mariachi band has visited the office before, and they are both talented and hilarious.  I posted a little video on Instagram which is musically shitty but still great because you can see the fiddler guy on the left waving at me.  I think he thought I was texting or doing something lame, but I was just trying to prove to Instagram that I do fun things.

While I’ve been doing this blog for only a few days now, I have been posting my outfits online for a while.  I was thinking that I might want to go through my photos and blog about old outfits, but that seems boring as a standalone entry, so I’m just going to include a historical outfit here.  I don’t have the original photo anymore so the janky one from Timehop will have to suffice.  I will probably do this regularly because hey!  It’s new material to some of you!  And it’s interesting for me to see what’s changed in a year.  I remember this dress came from Ross, and it was itchy, and since it had a smocked waist I had to yank it down all day or it would shrink up and turn into a shirt. What’s weird is, I wore the same shoes today, and had decided on doing so when I planned my outfit last night, well before I was even reminded of this photo.  I seem to have a lot in common with myself.  As you can see, I had an inferior phone at this time last year, because this picture quality is garbage.  If I’m not mistaken, the earrings are from Target but considering the fact that you can’t see them, it doesn’t matter. I ended up selling this dress in a Facebook group, for about $12.


Yeah, so, I’m a member of some clothes swap groups on Facebook.  They can be surprisingly drama-filled, but overall I’ve really enjoyed being in them.  I’ve gotten a ton of cute clothes that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.  My preferred aesthetic is ModCloth circa 2012 if my group purchases have been any indication. Today’s dress came from one such group, though it was, predictably, originally from the uzh. (I fretted for a while about how to spell the abbreviation of “usual” and settled on that.) Belt and earrings are also a common refrain.  The shoes are Skechers via Amazon. My friend Tomeka (who is more stylish than I could ever be, even if I took style classes directly from her) takes my photos nearly every day, and we’re always looking for places with decent lighting.  We tried a few different venues today and my face is really creepy in these, so I apologize in advance for your nightmares.

Hey, it’s election season so get on out there and vote! I have leftover tacopile to eat, so goodbye.


7 thoughts on “I Don’t Think I Can Wear Clothes All Day

  1. Yay! Thanks for the mention! I love taking your pics! We get to laugh and catch up on stuff! Plus l love you! Also, you totally could and we should teach night school! ☺️😘


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