Fried Day

Today has been a glorious food day, and I hope the momentum continues forever.  Back when I started this shift, I was all, “Oh hell yes, I’m going to be eating breakfast out every got damn day!” but I think it’s only happened three times in the past two years, today being the third time.  It was most definitely the charm.  Okay all breakfasts before work are pretty charming.

Susan, my friend and former coworker, met me at Rise N Dine so we could discuss what’s been going on over the past, oh, 2 years.  Turns out, we’re both basically the same as we were back when we shared an office, only now we’re not filled with rage about our jobs every day—hooray!  Rise N Dine is one of my favorite breakfast spots, but there is always a line and I hate waiting, especially when I have to do it outside. But Susan is worth it, and so are the Nutella pancakes.

Which brings me to: fuck yes I ordered Nutella pancakes.  And also some sausage tacos, which sounds naughty but is actually delicious.  The flapjacks come in a stack, with sliced bananas and Nutella stuffed between them, and topped with a spritz of whipped cream. They are maybe too good, if you want to know the truth.  The tacos are scrambled eggs, cheddar, and chicken sausage, in grilled flour tortillas, with a side of pico.  I order the same thing every time I go and can’t bring myself to branch out!

The restaurant is decorated simply but thoughtfully, and they switch up the accessories frequently so there’s always something new to look at.  The service is consistently excellent, if a bit rushed, and I think every time I’ve eaten there someone has complimented my hair.  Today I had to out myself as a fake cool person because the server was like, “OMG do you color your own hair?” and I was all, “Um no, I pay someone to do this for me because I am chicken and old.”

After breakfast (which my fingers really want to be “breafkast”, and that is not a thing but if it were I think it’d be a breath mint created by Outkast), I came to work and did workstuff for a while but THEN at lunch time Perfumanda and I went to Marrakesh and grabbed a table outside.  At first outside seemed pleasant, but then the sun came out of hiding and tried to murder me so we shoveled the grub into our maws and headed over to Sephora to sniff perfumes.  I smelled many wonderful things, all of which I will have forgotten by the time I go scent shopping again. I got a sample of some Giorgio Armani I would butcher the spelling of, so I will skip it.  Smells rill good, doe.

IMG_3700 (1)

Since I skipped yesterday I will tell you about two outfits, alike in dignity. I think that’s the only line I remember from Shakespeare.

First up, from yesterday we have this lovely Yellow Star number that I found on Ebay.  I told y’all I would set up that alert and I damn did it, and ended up with this dress!  I have not been into florals lately because I had an Instagram friend who would tell me how all my florals looked like grandma couches and it gave me a complex.  I liked the cut of this enough to risk it but full disclosure: I am not a fan of these florals either.  The earrings came from Target long ago (but not very far away, probably on N Druid Hills Rd), and I scored the shoes at Ross a couple weeks ago.  They’re Joy & Mario, who I have never heard of but they make a damn fine shoe, especially when you get it for the low-low price of $18.


Last night I retrieved a batch of items that Heather (my own….personal….seamstress) altered for me, and it’s my first time taking this dress out for a spin.  I try not to buy things with these dumb straps because they never align with my bra straps quite right but I couldn’t say no to this pattern.  This is originally a ModCloth frock (okay I do not like that word still and regret it but saying “dress” 100 times is not great either) but I got it in the Facebook Plus Size Vintage-Inspired group.  It wasn’t even listed for sale—someone offered it as a swap and got turned down so I declared interest right there in the comments of someone else’s post.  I know, I’m a rebel.   The earrings are from It’s Fashion Metro, and the shoes are these Matisse ones from Amazon.


Zach said he was at the pool but it’s dark out now so I should probably go check on him. Happy weekend!


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