Well hello there! Has it been 364 days already? My, how time flies when you’re not blogging or getting dressed or being productive at all! I found out today a coworker is moving onto greener pastures (like a new job, she’s not dying or anything) and I told her she should consider blogging. And then […]

Paradise Lost

It snowed a couple times in February, which is pretty much exactly what we deserve for wondering aloud if an entire winter could REALLY be this mild. Between that and my annual writing assignment, we had a bit of a hiatus from our usual weekend excursions. I guess that’s not totally true–we did go to […]

2 Blessed 2 Get Dressed

Okay so this blog is called Clotheshog and I haven’t done any clothesblogs in a while. There are many reasons for this, some better than others. One big ‘un is that I don’t have to go to an office every day and therefore the obligation to get dressed is no longer a daily one, which […]


I’m pretty sure that somewhere back in time, I used to describe myself as a “people person”. If not in internet bios then at least in job interviews. I have basically always worked in customer service so admitting that I’m more of a me-ple person isn’t the best way to endear myself to a future […]

Snow Motion For Me

Before moving here, I’d heard PNW residents mention “micro-climates”, and how the weather here can be sooooo different in areas that are mere miles or minutes apart. I thought they were just being braggarts like how they would talk about their fancy legal weed, and their artisanal fried chicken, and their naked bike rides (ok […]

So I Creek, Yeah

My mom has a beloved quote, “Every step of the journey is the journey.” As a lover of endings and a hater of middles, the lesson of that quip has eluded me until very recently. Zach and I have been taking off to fill up our eyeballs with beautiful things for the majority of the […]

Round and Round

You may recall that our move here was fraught with many obstacles. I’ve seen multiple friends make similar moves before us, and still more have come after, and none of them have come even close to dealing with the level of bullshit that we encountered. It’s sort of the Scootee secret power–we can Worst Possible […]

Keep on Roake-in’ in the Free World

One of the things I most hated about living in Atlanta was constantly being assaulted by nostalgia. Only, it wasn’t really nostalgia because nothing ever went away and neither did I? Like, sometimes I would drive to Whole Foods for their stupidly addictive and expensive smoked salmon dip, but as I puttered down N Druid […]

Take a hike, 2017

Oh, hey. I haven’t visited WordPress in so long that I had to type in the ENTIRE url and not just a w, or even “wo”, or even “wordp”, which is pretty embarrassing. I loved bloggin’ for a while there but then people at my job started following me on the social meeds, like even […]

Drivin’ & Cryin’

The very first car I learned to drive was my dad’sĀ green 1993 Mercury Villager. As a 15-year-old, I found the vehicle appropriately embarrassing (i.e., when my dad was driving it, I would duck down low hoping to avoid peer detection, but when I was behind the wheel it may as well have been a Maserati, […]