Drivin’ & Cryin’

The very first car I learned to drive was my dad’s green 1993 Mercury Villager. As a 15-year-old, I found the vehicle appropriately embarrassing (i.e., when my dad was driving it, I would duck down low hoping to avoid peer detection, but when I was behind the wheel it may as well have been a Maserati, […]


This week in a Facebook comment I said, “Being a person is real hard and practicing doesn’t even help!” and I still feel that so hard right now. My brain is so full that my head hurts, and so do many of my other organs. It feels [even more] shallow [than usual] to blog about clothes and […]

New Year Same Me

Somehow it’s 2017 and since we last spoke I think I forgot how to even blog. As I mentioned previously, I was and am unsure how to do anything, like be a regular adult person, blog while employed, or whistle. I have lots of stuff to tell you but I think I waited too long […]

No news is actually just more bad news

Hey friends. I think I’ve said this like 500 times already but I keep putting off blogging because I want to have a ton of good news for you when we talk, and currently good news is like “Alison? No thanks!”. Times like these I wish I’d set this thang up with a purpose because I […]

Clothes in different area codes

I wonder if our Smartboxes ever made it anywhere. The driver who came and picked them up seemed competent, and we tipped him $20 in the hopes he’d take care of our belongings.  I’m nervous though, because there was a disturbing lack of paperwork involved with the transaction.  We were told to make note of […]

I, oh, I’m still alive. Yeah.

I guess Pearl Jam lyrics don’t quite carry the same weight when typed out, so please read today’s title in Eddie Vedder’s voice. I have two other tabs with blog entries open, but they’re about things that happened over 7 days ago now, and my brain isn’t conjuring up the words very well.  I have […]