Ugh, I ate Krystal for dinner and now I sort of want to die.  I can’t believe I just admitted that publicly but if you want to know the truth I was excited to try the new Fired Up burg, which coincides with the limited time offering of Spicy Chiks.  I don’t care who you are, a Spicy Chik is a legitimately good sandwich.  And had I stopped with those, things would probably be okay.  I got greedy, and now have to root around in the fridge for my icy cold Pepto.

I once again invited myself over to Maegan’s and got to pet 3/4 of the cats, which is a new record.  There are two that look similar to my non-cat-owning eyes, and I’m getting good at determining who is which cat.  And none of them have scratched or bitten me yet!  (So I have that to look forward to probably any day now.)

Regarding clothing: I wore this giraffe-print Leota dress that I got from Gwynnie Bee, an It’s Fashion belt and earrings, and some Nine West wedges and then Perfumanda and I got artsy in the stairway.  Which is not a euphemism.  I wore this dress backwards for two reasons: I spilled sunblock on it, and it seems to look better this way. If I end up getting skin cancer despite having ruined so many items of clothing, I’m going to be livid.

Okay I have to go now.  I’ve been watching this truly awful show, Mistresses, on Hulu, and I need to watch as many of them as possible before Zach gets home and mocks me.


7 thoughts on “Wednasty

  1. Haha! Don’t you hate it when that happens?
    No problems stuffing your face until it becomes a problem.
    Happens to me way more often that I care for but that because I REFUSE to acknowledge I’m lactose intolerant.


      • Sigh,
        I don’t even f*cking know dude, I’m living the most miserable existence.

        Had brunch over the weekend and one of my friends ordered something that came with a side of Mac n Cheese with pancetta bits in it and the creamiest mixture of cheese and sausage you’ve ever f*cking seen!

        Saying ‘no thanks’ when my friend offered me some was like taking a physical blow.



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