Bomb-Azz Review #2: The Bombening

Alternate title: Electric Bombaloo.  I don’t think I named the first bath bomb review I did, but henceforth the series will be known as Bomb-Azz Reviews.  If I remember to do that.  I could also come up with a better name. Time will tell.

Last night I wanted to wash the funk of the day off me while simultaneously generating blog fodder, so it was the perfect opportunity to bust out another bath bomb from my Lush haul.  I reached in the sack and grabbed the first ball I got (heyo!), which turned out to be The Experimenter.  I bought it because it’s colorful, and I am an easy mark.

From looking at this nugget of bath-time fun, I expected it to be scented of bubble gum or erasers due to its #2 pencil color scheme.  In reality, it seemed to be more like sandalwood or patchouli.  At first the scent was a fun surprise, though it eventually became too heavy. I tend to enjoy strongly-scented things but this sucker filled up my whole entire nose with its woodsy fragrance. I think next time I’d just use half of the bomb.  The ingredients include tonka and vanilla beans and I’m not the Bean Queen 2016 or anything, but I really didn’t notice any vanilla-y sweetness and would have pegged this as more of a campfire scent than anything else. In addition to the generous scent, this bomb was amazingly colorful, full of glitter, and super moisturizing. I’d recommend it for wintertime use, or if you just really enjoy smelling like a glittery beautiful fireplace.  It’s worth it any time of year for the Instagram material, though.  This thing was truly beautiful, and I took photos for an embarrassingly long time.

I tried to switch my part today to see if it made my hair behave better, but no.  My locks are still lacking, and what even is this color?  Think I could pull off a shaved head?  Without crying? Here is yet another dress (from ModCloth, same style as this one) I’ve had in the closet for months and never seem to wear, so I’m sharing it with you, my beloved blogfriends.  The problem is, these little flowers have green and red dots in them, and wearing red and green together makes me feel like Christmas, and the dots are so small you can’t see them from far away but I know they’re there so I want to match.  Also neither color goes that well with purple, so accessorizing is a challenge.  I picked a green belt (from a different ModCloth dress) and some similarly-hued Swedish Hasbeens, and some older earrings from Target that I hardly ever wear.  I feel real comfy, but not very cute, but I don’t have to look at me, I only have to be me, so it’s not really a problem. Sucks for y’all though.


Okay goodbye, I get to eat a sandwich now.


One thought on “Bomb-Azz Review #2: The Bombening

  1. I think YOUR hair is cute, and I love that you are brave enough to experiment with different cuts and colors! But I feel your pain daily when it comes to management. I wish I could have bequeathed you something more cooperative. Signed, Still crying


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