Megablog: Weekend +Other Days

Okay let’s get down to business here, people.  No more sappy Father’s Day stuff, we need to talk about clothes and food.  I feel like the weekend is ancient history now, but I remember I ate some things that I wanted to tell you about.  I didn’t really wear clothes for pretty much the whole time, though, unless you count a bathing suit.


Friday we ended up trying somewhere new-to-us, which is always a gamble.  The menu for Mason Tavern looked to be right up my alley and when I told Zach they had wings, he was on board.  This spot has been at least 7 different things that I can remember, so I have become jaded and never want to visit whatever the restaurant du jour is.  For a while it was a semi-fancy place that served jerk chicken alfredo, and as soon as I got hooked, they closed.  It was a Tanner’s Rotisserie when I was in high school, and when my chicken addition (add-chick-tion?  We’ll work on this.) was at its peak, Tanner’s disappeared. Loving a restaurant in this location is risky even if the food is good, because a return visit may be impossible. Zach and I threw caution to the wind, and it paid off.

We were both Marvin-levels of starvin’, so we opted for double apps.  I chose calamari, and Zach picked bacon-wrapped dates.  It’s hard to do calamari incorrectly in my opinion, because I’m no connoisseur, but these weren’t my favorite.  They appeared to have been freshly-breaded, but made of previously-frozen squidlets.  The cornmeal breading was thick, and when paired with the tough calamari, it was an overwhelmingly chewy mouthful.  It was passable when dipped into the red pepper sauce, but I wouldn’t order it again.  The dates, on the other hand, were outstanding.  The candied bacon and goat cheese worked well with the sweet dates, and I could have eaten a whole order myself.

For mains, I got a BBB Burger (buffalo, bacon, & blue), and Zach (of course) ordered wings, sesame-style, not buffalo.  I asked for a side of charred broccoli with my burger, but when it arrived with fries I was secretly relieved.  I love broccoli, but these fries were killer.  The burger was cooked slightly beyond medium, and the beef itself seemed to have been pre-pattied.  The meat was densely packed and thin, with a shape only technology could be responsible for.  The toppings were all high-quality, and the sauce, cheese, and bacon all worked together to make this a tasty burger. I still enjoyed it, but I’d have liked a thicker burg, or maybe a second patty.  Zach enjoyed his wings, and they looked pretty good, for wings.

If we remember, we’ll probably visit Mason Tavern again.  They’re open until 11 which is considered late-night for the greater Decatur area, and we often end up eating late.  The service was great and the prices were reasonable.  I just hope they’re still open next time we make it over.

We have been on a bit of a zoodle kick lately and I’ve been wanting to tell you about it, but I am shit at photographing zood-based meals.  I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of one, though, because it was so goddamn good.  If you have a spiralizer or even just a vegetable peeler, you should probably make these Zucchini Noodles with Chicken/Feta/Spinach Meatballs .  No, they would never replace actual pasta, but for a veg-heavy meal, they’re surprisingly good.  I mean, look at all that green.  It has to be better for me than my usual cream-based meals, right?


Okay next, I finally wore clothes!  It’s a Tuesday miracle!  I got this London Times dress from Gwynnie Bee, and I feel really good in it at home in my own personal mirror, but reviewing these photos I think it may be time to sell it.  I generally don’t mind wearing things that aren’t traditionally “flattering” but this may be taking that a bit too far.  I love the print, but I’m not super into the weird hangy-downy ruffle thing.  The shoes are those same ones from last week.    You can’t tell so much in these photos, but I swear my hair matches my dress almost perfectly.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  Also random bonus photo taken outside Maegan’s place, because why not.

Okay I get to go grill a cheese now!  I got some La Calavera bread (the best bread on the whole entire Earth) today and with the addition of cheese and butter, it may transcend this plane.


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