Look, I was going to try to make today only about happy things but then it was the day that Jes left and I ended up crying like a big whiny baby.  Jes was the first friend I made in my department at work, and I have looked up to her ever since the first day I sat with her to learn about what exactly it is we do all day.  We bonded over fat lady clothes, food, dogs, and personal dramas.  She could tell just by my expression if I needed to leave the office and vent, and my secrets were always safe with her.  I’m so proud that she’s moving to Seattle, followed closely by feelings of insane jealousy and deep sadness.

Before the tears began to flow, I took Jes out for her final La Fonda lunch.  She’s a huge La Fonda fan, as you may recall.  (Also, Jes confessed through sobs that she always clicks my links, which was pretty much the sweetest goodbye ever.)  Apparently the Latina (I didn’t decide to call it that, it’s literally called La Fonda Latina but now I feel weird) lunch spot was the site of her very first work lunch, so it seemed apropos to dine there on her finale as well. We got a big ol’ bowl of queso and chomped on chips and talked about all the changes she’s going to be going through soon.  She had her usual (salmon enchiladas) and I had mine (chorizo quesadilla), and I let loose with a barrage of moving across the country questions, since I hope to follow in those footsteps before too long.

I made her snap a bunch of photos before I lost her as my photog (if Tomeka leaves me this whole blog is over, so I have to make sure it never happens), but I forgot to get one of us together and now I’m extra sad.  Luckily Zach just texted to say we should go out to dinner so I can eat more feelings tonight.

For clothes, I wore this Karen Kane dress I got from Gwynnie Bee last year.  I should probably make that a referral link (because GB actually does have an okay referral program even if you’re not a famous blogger), but I stopped using their service and don’t know if I should recommend it.  But maybe since I do have a blog now, they would hook me up? [Note to self: something to research for science.]  The belt and earrings are both from It’s Fashion Metro. These shoes are the ones I got from the uh, “boutique” on Facebook, and they’re Chelsea Crew, though they are also available on ModCloth.

Okay now I need coffee or a milkshake or a coffee milkshake because they will make me unsad, or at least hyper enough to work while weeping.

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