Friday the Thirsteenth

Y’all all I really want is a big ass iced latte, but I already walked by West Elm and my boyfriend from yesterday was working so I know I can’t go there but I WANT TO.  I am chugging an infinity of water instead, and it is not nearly as delicious, nor does it contain any energizing drugs.  I had a cold brew coffee earlier today but because I made it myself it didn’t seem indulgent or fun.  I should probably work on being one of those DIY people who thinks making things is cool and exciting, but I only think things are cool/exciting when they are done for me, by someone I give money to.  That’s the American Way, I think.

I am doing this hogblog on my lunch break so I’ll make it quick and only about clothes. Nothing else happened today, except Maegan and I went back to the Merc and it was perfect and delicious as always.

In Outfits of Years Past, we have this lil’ number.  Mid-May must be the time of year I decide to let all my flabby flesh hang out.  I’m sorry/you’re welcome.


Dress was from Ross, shoes from Ebay, belt from Cato, earrings from Target.  I think I actually still own all of these items and have linked to all those places before, plus you know how to Google.

So as you may have noticed, I tend not to repeat outfits.  This is a bad habit I picked up when I started doing outfit photos, and it got worse when I was a Gywnnie Bee member. I want to try to get better at doing wardrobe remixes or whatever flashy thing people call the innovative notion of wearing your clothes more than once, so today I sort of tried it.

I’ve had this skirt (ModCloth, natch) for a while now but rarely wear it.  Black and white are two hues I have no idea what to do with, and I tend to avoid them.  The top came from Zulily, and has been sitting in the closet with the intent of being paired with this skirt since at least December, but I kept avoiding it because of my hella VBO. But fuck it!  It’s Friday!  You all know I’m fat, it’s not like a secret you only realize when I wear a certain type of clothing.  So I slapped these two garments on, topped ’em off with my Cats Like Us belt, threw on my Hasbeens and some plastic earrings and hit the road. Then I saw a cute puppy and made this face, but the puppy was gone and I never did get to pet it. 😦


My vote tally is holding steady at 250, so I guess I’m not going to be a famous model. Which is a real shame because writing words is a lot harder than just being cute.

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