I can already tell blog titles are going to become a big problem for me.  I only came up with this one because saying it out loud sounds like a fancy person saying “Tuesday” and that is what today is.

So one cool thing about my job (out of many cool things), is that my office is inside Ponce City Market.  If you’re not an ATLien I will fill you in quickly: PCM used to be a big ol’ Sears store and maybe even warehouse?  I am bad at history. The building is huge, taking up an entire city block. My job occupies a whole floor-and-a-half, so a lap around the office is basically like walking around the block (but with air conditioning and snacks).  There are restaurants and shops downstairs, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that I essentially work inside the mall.  As a child of the 80s and 90s, this pleases me.

Starting today, there’s going to be a farmer’s market outside every Chewsday and I’m pretty excited about that.  Not because of the fresh fruit and veg (ew), but because of the baked goods.  Specifically, La Calavera‘s bread and/or any of their sweet treats.  Not only are they the best damn bakery around, but I am close personal friends with the proprietors. But don’t be like “Hey guys I heard you’re friends with Alison” because they will probably be like “Um…she’s okay I guess?”

The market was packed full of babies in strollers, dogs being carried, and people generally not knowing how to be in a public area with other people, but for YOU, my one blog reader, I took some snaps.

Today was also a very exciting day in the arena of lunch, because my pal Maegan and I have been on a huge Mercantile bender lately, and today was no exception.  They have a slew of delicious lunch and dinner options, but I’m pretty much a slave to their sandwiches.  My fave is the Flair Forest (pulled chicken, bbq sauce, bacon, avocado on a cute little hoagie), or maybe the Druid Hills (roast beef, caramelized shallots, chipotle aioli on the same darling bread), but they’re all real damn good.  Today we went halfsies on a Flair Forest and a Larsen, and while the Larsen was tasty I don’t think it’s my new fave. The people who work in the market are also friendly and accommodating, and I would be happy to live inside the shop and never leave.  My food photography is either sub- or above par, depending on your understanding of golf, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

And that brings me to our final bit of bloggable material: today’s outfit!  I know you’re excited, and I am too.  I was feeling sad about it being Tuesday (having Mondays off takes away some of the sting sure, but not all!) so I wanted to wear something that would make me happy.  I bought this skirt a few weeks ago and remembered it existed when I thumbed past it in the closet this morning.  It’s from the usual place.  The top is an Eddie Bauer tee I bought back when I worked from them, like 7 years ago (can that be? HOW???).  The necklace came from Zulily, but is available here. Shoes are Matisse, from Amazon.  Belt is from the same damn place.  I have these earrings from It’s Fashion in nearly every color, and I am not sorry.

And it wouldn’t be a clotheshog entry without a reminder to please vote!  And since that has been added, I guess I’m done here.  Thanks for reading and never forget that I love you.


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