Food, floats, and fun

Why yes I did just rip off an old McDonald’s slogan for this blog title.  I gotta level with you–eventually I may skip doing titles altogether because that mess is hard.  I’m so bad at naming them that they barely even relate to the post so when I go back and try to link to […]

Marlow’s, Weekend Clothes, Even No.’s

Hold onto your butts, kids.  This is a long one. Okay so I came outside to blog from the patio with my iced latte like a cool Real Blogger, but it’s already hotter than I care for and Zach has a pork butt on the smoker so it’s pretty odorous out here.  I’m going to […]

So many words about the weekend

Look, I don’t have any title ideas.  I should be taking more notes, because I’m positive someone said something funny during the past three days but I sure as shit can’t remember anything except copious food, and time running through my hands like water. Since last we spoke, the weekend happened.  Also, I need to […]


I said nothing interesting or funny today, so day-related puns are my titular muse right now I guess.  Heh, titular.  It’s impossible to say to what degree Beavis and Butthead shaped my sense of humor, except that it’s definitely some, and not none. Last night Zach, Perfumanda, and I went out for dinn.  Almost exactly […]

I can’t stop sniffing myself

Ugh I still don’t know which way to go on capitalizing, guys.  Capital letters seem real official, and this is but a place for me to tell you about the things I put in, on, and around my body. My friend Amanda, who also is my coworker (as are most of my friends), has a […]

Ugh it’s too easy. MAY THE FOURTH, fine!

Close call there, y’all.  It is getting into the nighttime hours and you were probably worried that I wasn’t going to post today.  Or actually you probably just heard about this thing earlier today and are already over it.  Oh well, I’m doing it. You’ve been warned; there will be bloggery ahead. So first things […]