Take a hike, 2017

Oh, hey. I haven’t visited WordPress in so long that I had to type in the ENTIRE url and not just a w, or even “wo”, or even “wordp”, which is pretty embarrassing. I loved bloggin’ for a while there but then people at my job started following me on the social meeds, like even people in HR, and that makes me supremely uncomfortable but I guess if you’re writing on the internet you’re supposed to be pretty PG-13 but also who knows if anyone in HR even actually reads this? Surely they have better things to do, like resourcing humans. I have missed writing things besides emails to customers about how to stop spamming people and figured here is as good a place as any to get some words out, and maybe this will be a good excuse to buy myself a new phone because everyone has better cameras than I do and my screen is pretty smashed up anyway and isn’t it good to have hobbies and a justification for everything?

I don’t feel quite ripe for writing about an entire subject yet (or maybe ever!) so I figured I would show you my corny top 9 ‘grams for the year and say hi and then maybe if anyone cares we can talk about food and clothes and the great outdoors. Usually when people say things like “If you would have told me [x] years ago I’d be [doing y thing], I’d [be really surprised but in a colloquial phrasing]!” I’m like “lol okay, I’ve been exactly the same person for 35 years now and will likely never change but have fun, bye!” but this year it turns out that I went outside on purpose, lots of times, and actually walked around when I was out there. ON PURPOSE. I didn’t wear pants or anything, don’t get crazy. I would never bore you with a hiking blog (probably? writing about walking seems even more boring than writing about clothing but it’s possible 2018 Alison has different opinions) but maybe sometimes I will show you places we walked around before I Yelped for a new coffee place or burger shack.

I have to go and hide with my dogs in the downstairs bathroom because people are already celebrating the new year with explosions a mere 4 hours before the clock actually strikes 12 and I think Skeeter’s heart might actually explode. Here are 9 pictures people on the internet liked the most out of all the ones I posted this year! Maybe I will actually put on an entire outfit again sometime soon, but also maybe the sun will stay out past 4 fucking pm so that I have time to get a picture before it’s just nighttime 15 hours a day!


See ya next year, suckers.

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