This week in a Facebook comment I said, “Being a person is real hard and practicing doesn’t even help!” and I still feel that so hard right now. My brain is so full that my head hurts, and so do many of my other organs. It feels [even more] shallow [than usual] to blog about clothes and food right now, but I’m not a politics journalist and my heart and head both hurt so much that I want to do something vapid and take my mind off of my outrage for a little while. I am not a great social justice warrior because I’m a lazy chickenshit and too scared to go to an actual protest, but for the record I have donated to both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and encourage you to do the same. If you are anti-abortion then you are probably aware that birth control prevents not just live babies, but ALSO aborted ones so I bet you are a big fan of PP like I am. Now back to your regularly-scheduled fluff.

So hey, somehow it’s the end of January already! How do these things keep happening? If someone would have told me that time goes much faster when you’re old, whether or not you’re having fun, I probably wouldn’t have wasted so much time wishing I was a grownup. But here we are. I’m old and the world is bonkers, but for the time being we still have pizza, so let’s talk about that.

There is a spot here in the Couve that has been awarded the ultimate compliment by PDX Monthly, who says Rally Pizza gives Portlanders a reason to drive to Vancouver. I know I’m a real Southwestern Washingtonian because that headline made me feel equal parts proud and irritated. Hooray, I’m a local! (Man, I’m even mad that they butchered those photos so bad! I almost feel like they did it on purpose to make us look like rubes! SEE HOW VANCOUVERY I AM!) Vancouver is actually not very far from Portland, if you care to quickly google such a thing, but many Portlanders are duty-bound to treat my new home as if it were actually the new Oregon Trail–long and difficult and sure to end with your death by dysentery. My defensive nature obligates me to point out that my house is closer to downtown Portland than many actual-Portland neighborhoods, but my hipster millennial-ness enjoys living somewhere that is not yet crowded and still has delicious food and ample parking. Ugh, even the easy parts of my life cause emotional turmoil.

I’ve been to Rally twice now, and much like ELO, I can’t get it out of my head. Rally uses a gas-fired oven that gives a smoky char much like wood, but without all that sad tree-murder. The pies are about 12″, thin and pliant. The slices work well folded, or as I discovered–stacked like a sandwich. My sister and I split a pepperoni and a Tocco di Verde (house-made ricotta, hand pulled mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fennel/chile/garlic oil, salsa verde), and while each was good in its own right, they were even stronger together.  Rally uses quality pepperoni, small and spicy, and in such a quantity that someone could steal a couple and you would only stab them a little bit. On a visit with my aunt, cousin, and whatever the title of a cousin’s baby is (my best friend Dr Google says it’s my first cousin once removed, but I usually just say “little cousin baby” because I grew up in the South), we got one pepperoni pie, and one Little Gina (hand pulled mozzarella, tomato sauce, fennel/chile/garlic oil). I generally prefer white pizza to those with red sauce, but I think the garlicky Little Gina had a lot more going on for it than the almost-bland Tocco di Verde. My sister and I both ate it, don’t get me wrong, but we kept wishing for a little more. More garlic, more spice, a tangier cheese, SOMETHING. That’s when the idea to throw some p(epperoni)’s on it occurred to me, and the pizzandwich was invented. A+++, would stack again.


I love pizza more than I love most people, but the real star of the show at Rally is the frozen custard. It’s decadent but somehow doesn’t feel like the gut bomb it truly is, maybe because it tastes too dang good for you to care. I haven’t tried a concrete yet, but I’ve had multiple sundaes and I can’t even pick a favorite. Maybe I should go try all of them just in case. For science. I can heartily recommend the Clouds in My Coffee, which has mocha pudding and crunchy chocolate bits, and the Salty/Sweet, comprised of salty candied hazelnuts and almonds, butterscotch, and malted milk crunch (which appears to be some sort of malty cookie). Rally also has a full bar and an interesting cocktail list, but you know I’m in it purely for the grub. Oh AND the place is decorated beautifully, so much my aesthetic that I’m considering calling them and asking who designed it because I want to be their friend and/or employee.

Other than stuffing my face with foods and double-fistedly keeping the legal cannabiz going, I haven’t worn many clothes. My job is flexible about working from home and I’ve been reaping that benefit a lot because the 8-mile commute ends up taking me an hour or more each way. I actually love the office and the people in it (and the plethora of coffee options) (and that I can bring the dogs) but the traffic is so heinous it hardly seems worth it. I worked from home today but Zach was around, so I slapped on some rags for a couple hours and pretended to be a functional person.

I’ve been singularly focused on getting the house together and as a result haven’t been clothes shopping much. I am still in clothes swap groups on Facebook though, and when this dress was listed I couldn’t resist. It was offered on ModCloth (of courrrssseeee) a few years ago, before I could afford to shop there and has been on my mental wish list for a while. I got these tights on Zulily a while back (can’t remember the brand, sorry!), and the shoes too (Chelsea Crew!). Earrings are from Target a long long time ago, and the belt is from Amazon (similar). I also bought a new coat on Ebay (because I finally live somewhere that requires one) though it was of course originally  from my tru luv 4-eva, ModCloth.

One day I would love to show you photos of the inside of the house, but the way things are going it will probably never be done. I ordered two bookshelves from Ebay, and only received one. I submitted a claim with Ebay, and they ruled in the seller’s favor because he provided a tracking number showing the item was delivered. Ebay won’t let you email them–they make you call, so I called and waited on hold for an hour and 25 minutes. When I finally got someone, I explained that I did receive ONE bookshelf but I ordered TWO and I thought things were back on track. Then they decided in the seller’s favor, AGAIN. I am not sure what else to do because they have asked me for proof that I did not receive two bookshelves and I’m really not sure how you prove you do not have something. I’m trying a chargeback with my credit card company but the part I’m angriest about is that my whole living room design hinges on having TWO of these stupid bookshelves, and I can’t find another one anywhere on the whole internet.

Okay my head still hurts and now I want pizza and I’m re-mad about the bookshelves so I guess I’ll go now. Goodbye, computer friends. Take care of your friends, and donate to Planned Parenthood in your enemies’ names.

5 thoughts on “Rallying

  1. I just found it on Sweet Echo Plus in my size. Bought! Thanks so much! I have quite a few of your dresses and it’s nice to see all of your other outfits!


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