New Year Same Me

Somehow it’s 2017 and since we last spoke I think I forgot how to even blog. As I mentioned previously, I was and am unsure how to do anything, like be a regular adult person, blog while employed, or whistle. I have lots of stuff to tell you but I think I waited too long so now it’s not even exciting anymore.


Since we left Atlanta in mid-September, it’s felt like my entire life has been in limbo. Even though I slept in a bed in Washington or Oregon for the vast majority of the past 90 nights, it’s felt like a sort of shitty extended vacation and not like my new residence. Worrying about finding a job, coupled with the stress of securing housing, nestled up next to the concerns about overstaying our welcome at every single person we know’s house (and an airbnb…and a couple hotels),  all converged to make it difficult to enjoy myself, even though technically I was in an ideal situation. Which is really stupid of me! I can’t believe I wasted months of not working being depressed instead of just being like “fuck it, let’s eat more cake.” I did eat more than my fair share of delicious things, but they weren’t nearly as tasty as they could have been without the dark cloud of an uncertain future hanging over my head. As much as I love change, I guess I like the “rearranged the living room” kind more than the “living somewhere without a job, house, or friends” kind.

When I was offered the job, they asked me to start on January 3. We were supposed to get the keys to our house on that day so I asked if we could push that back to the 9th. They booked me on a flight to the company’s main office in Nashville for the 8th. In a rare stroke of good luck, we actually got the keys on Christmas day. I wish I could say it felt incredible to finally have the keys and get to be in Our New House OMG, but it was anticlimactic. We’d only seen the house once in person and then visited the online photos multiple times per day. A couple months had passed between the photos being taken and the previous owners moving out, so not only was my memory a bit fuzzy, but the house had been through some changes since we’d last visited. Ok that makes it sound super bad and the fact of the matter is the sink and dishwasher were sort of gross and I just really forgot about how much goddamn carpet and beige paint there was everywhere. Patience is not a virtue I’ve ever possessed, and when I move I want the house to be completely ready for company within 12 hours. Unfortunately, that’s unrealistic once you’re no longer a studio apartment-dweller and all your shit’s in storage.

We scheduled our storage boxes to be delivered a few days after we got the keys and you’ll never believe it but they delivered the correct boxes, all of our stuff was inside, and nothing was broken. It was a New Year Miracle! I keep meaning to send Smart Box a letter saying that I love them, but I’ve been busy figuring out how I ever ended up with so many clothes. After 3 months of living with the same 10 dresses, the vast amount of choices my entire wardrobe offers is overwhelming. In a good way, though; I’m not complaining.

Despite being promised that the Portland area has mild winters, it’s snowed like 5 times since we arrived. My flight on the 8th ended up being canceled, and I got rebooked to come out on the 10th. Since it was last-minute, I had to take THREE PLANES to get to Nashville. One of those planes was extremely late, meaning I got here (hi! I’m in Tennessee right now!) even later than initially intended. All told, I was on the road 17 hours which I think is symbolic of the clusterfuck that ’17 is going to be. It’s maddening that it’s The Future and this is what air travel has come to, but that wasn’t even the worst part. I was booked at the Hilton Garden Inn, and when I rolled through their double doors at midnight all I wanted was a big ass bottle of water and a bed. The manager finished up a phone call so I perused the gift shop, and about 10 minutes later he greeted me by name. “Whoa! You’re good!”, I told him, and he was like “Yes well, we are only waiting on two people tonight.” He started talking about how they were getting rooms ready but they had some rowdy guests the prior night, and they had to do a lot of work to get the rooms back in order. “We had everything together except just one thing, but it’s a very important thing–the bed. So, you have a room at the Renaissance, a cab is on the way right now.” I was stunned, though at this point why should I be? Travel is a nightmare, the end. But I had already picked out a bottle of water from the shop, so I said, “okay soooo I guess I’ll wait for my cab but can I buy this water?” He told me to take it and to take whatever else I wanted from the shop, as a token to make up for my inconvenience. I should have been a literal kid in an actual candy shop, but I was too sleepy and confused to be greedy so I only ended up with some peanut M&Ms and a Colts Bolt, which is my new favorite thing.

By the time I got settled in at the Renaissance, it was after 1 and I was supposed to be in the office at 8. I emailed my New Job(!) to ask if I could come in at 9 or 10, but since it was so late I knew I wouldn’t have an answer til the morning, and set my alarm for 6. When it went off, I was totally disoriented but did have an email saying I could come in at 10. Buuuut then I couldn’t get back to sleep because I had first day jitters. I’m back at the Hilton now, they gave me two more free bottled waters, coupons for breakfast, and then I ordered room service. Also today at work (heyyy!) they took my picture for the website and at the very least, it made me laugh. I’d bought those tiny donuts at the Portland airport and they were mostly crumbs by the time I got to the office, but that didn’t deter me from shoving ’em in my face for my company-mandated silly photo.


I have worn and eaten non-doughnut items lately too, but we’re already running long (and boring, I know, I’m sorry) so I will limit this to one resto and one outfit.

Zach and I have located what is likely our favorite local place, out of many delicious local places. Frontier Public House is in an ugly, or at the very least nondescript building, just outside of downtown Vantucky. The first time we visited the area, last February, we drove by this place and snarked on it, but after checking Yelp it looked like we’d have to eat our words. And some fried foods. Poor us, right?

Frontier rotates their specials seasonally or maybe monthly, but has a solid core menu that changes less frequently. Currently, onion rings and a pick-your-protein po’ boy are specials and I highly recommend them both. Zach and I agreed these are the best onion rings we’ve ever had. They had a Varsity-like crunch, but were less greasy (or maybe just seemed that way because we weren’t eating in that cesspool on North Ave), and their homemade ranch is light and herby. I think the rings could stand up to a stronger sauce like a chipotle mayo or horseradish, but you’ll never catch me complaining about ranch. We went with a shrimp po’ boy and good gawd was it perfect! The shrimp were large (oxymoron?), crispy, and plentiful, and all the produce was somehow on point despite it not being tomato season at all. Frontier is one of the few places we’ll order a salad because we enjoy eating it and not just out of some weird dietary obligation. Partially because that damn ranch is so good, but mostly because somehow their simple blend of mixed greens, cotija, and lil tomatoes is super satisfying.

You kinda can’t see it because, y’all gravy fries are ugly if we’re being real, but they make these fries with gravy, cheese, bacon, and chives (not technically poutine because I know the rules, but it’s damn near. Damn. Near.) that are not to be missed. And my mom is losing her mind right now that I purposely bought and ate this many vegetables on purpose, but Frontier makes these Brussels sprouts that will make you question your commitment to a carnivorous life. Wait, bacon doesn’t count as meat, right? Because these sprouts come loaded with bacon, in a bath of heavy cream. Much like Carrie Fisher, I would like to dictate that that’s how you all talk about me after I die. “She drowned loaded with bacon, in a bath of heavy cream.”

I’ve been taking a break from ModCloth, not on purpose but they just didn’t have anything I wanted for a while. Plus shopping when I didn’t have a job seemed like a bad idea, especially since I would have nowhere to put any clothing I did buy. But, my BeaFF saw this dress on Ebay and sent me the link and I just couldn’t resist it. It’s a Lularoe, which is maybe a Mormon MLM company but I don’t care, they make some cute ass dresses. This one is a “Nicole”. They apparently name all their items but I’m not sure why they bother because I have a few Nicoles and a few Amelias, and none of them fit consistently. If you can find them for cheapish on Ebay definitely try one, but I don’t think these are worth their retail price point of $50 or more, especially since there’s no guarantee it will fit. The earrings are from Fred Meyer, the belt is Amazon, tights are We Love Colors, and shoes are also Amazon but I can’t find ’em (these are close though).


OKAY now we’re all caught up. If you read this whole thing, you’re my favorite person and I owe you a cookie.

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