No news is actually just more bad news

Hey friends. I think I’ve said this like 500 times already but I keep putting off blogging because I want to have a ton of good news for you when we talk, and currently good news is like “Alison? No thanks!”. Times like these I wish I’d set this thang up with a purpose because I am real torn between spilling my guts out and painting a pretty picture to make the internet think I have my shit together. Like since I’m job searching it would be nice to say, “Yes hello, I know how to use the internet and you can find proof here, at Clotheshog”, but since I wrote about both finding and losing my job, that’s not an option unless I want to also explain why I was let go after only a month. I wonder if there is a Guinness record for being fired quickly, and if maybe winning it would make me feel better and/or yield any monetary winnings. I have considered erasing or editing the blog entries that reveal my inability to stay employed, but I haven’t decided whether or not to do it yet. It feels sort of dishonest (please tell me you also pronounce that “dish-on-est” in your head), but 1) Who exactly do I owe honesty to?! There is no blog police who will come and make me tell the truth…yet. And 2) You can be a big ol’ blatant liar and still do many jobs, like be elected President, so probably lying about a job on my blog will be ok.

If you have noticed me being particularly dramatic or depressing on Facebook, don’t worry. I’m not suicidal and if I was, you could have all my stuff so it’s basically a win-win for you. I thought that after years (decades even!) of planning my exit from Atlanta, things would go a little more smoothly. I was reminiscing about my life pre-move with some friends (on the internet…I don’t have in-person friends anymore) and said how funny it is that a couple months ago my biggest fear was a flat tire somewhere in the middle of the country. Now my anxieties are more along the lines of “what if we’re homeless for literally ever” and “how will I ever find a job if I manage to get one after 5 interviews, 25 emails, and one project and STILL get fired immediately”. Hopefully a year from now I’ll be like “Aw December 2016 was so sad but here I am in my new house, gainfully employed and somehow more beautiful and fashionable than last year”, but even fantasizing about that feels like tempting fate. I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of buying property because oh my god I’m actually involved and it’s so boring and frustrating but basically everything related to buying a house has gone almost comically wrong. Selling our house in Atlanta wasn’t exactly a fun picnic but in hindsight it looks downright enjoyable compared to the clusterfuck that we’ve been dealing with trying to buy a house in Vancouver. That anxiety, coupled with the shitshow that is job searching, and in conjunction with figuring out where to live post-airbnb has resulted in near-constant tears and regret. It’s not that I miss Atlanta, it’s that I miss having all the things that prove to the world I’m an adult human. I have that “I just want to go sit on my couch” feeling, only I don’t have a couch anymore. As I put it earlier this week, it’s like I’m Dorothy but when I click my heels three times all I get is a 404 error.

So now that I told you about how sad I am and you’re feeling good about your own life choices, let’s talk clothes and food. I’m still working off my initial batch of clothes, which were not really prepped with December in mind, so things are getting rough. I have picked up a few things from Ebay, but I’ve managed to avoid the siren song of ModCloth, even through Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Food, I have to eat all the time to stay alive, so I have not been avoiding it at all.

Before it gets too cold, we’ve been spending a lot of time by the river. We (will eventually, hopefully) live near Marine Park, and have taken the dogs a couple times, too. I guess if you grow up somewhere near water it’s probably not nearly as fascinating, but I try to get at least a glimpse of the river every single day, if for no other reason to remind myself I MADE IT! I LIVE HERE! It’s hella easy for me to forget WHY things are shitty right now, and that reason is: I live in my favorite place on the entire planet!


First up, this cupcake dress from ModCloth was on my wish list for a loooooong time, but back when they sold it I was very broke. My BFF is in some clothes swap groups that I am not, and she snagged it for me knowing it was one of my unicorns. The tights are We Love Colors, belt & boots are from Amazon.


Next, this here dress from eShakti. They’re dead to me, but I love this print soooo much. Tights, of course, are We Love Colors. The shoes are Swedish Hasbeens, and they’re falling apart so I do not recommend buying their overpriced wooden shoes and I ain’t linking to ’em. Belt is Amazon.


My sister and I spent the day together last week, so I dragged her around Vancouver in the hopes she would think it’s cool. I suggested Brewed for some coffee and sandwiches because Zach and I have been previously. On my third visit, I’m still not sure how to feel about them. Pluses: Great food, super friendly staff, decent seating, cozy interior. Minuses: Slow wifi, coffee is just ok.

Y’all know me–I’m an iced latte gal. In my time here on earth, I’ve decided that cold brew isn’t my favorite. It’s a lot more acidic than a couple shots of espresso drowned in flavored milk, and I’m in it for the sugar. The first time I asked for an iced latte, the proprietor sold me on a concoction they call the OMG, which is a cold brew drink with a bunch of shit in it. It SHOULD be right up my alley, but I hated it. The coffee and syrups don’t balance each other out; they compete for attention. When my sister and I went, I asked for an iced mocha but instead received a hot mocha. It was cute and the couple sips I had were good, but I can’t stand hot coffee (or hot beverages of any kind) so I made my sister drink it after I took photos. The guy there is nice and talkative, so I didn’t feel like making him remake it, but maybe one day I’ll try their actually-iced mochas. My chipotle chicken sandwich was delicious, just like the other times I’ve tried it. Georgia had a PB&J, and it looked pretty regular.

The parking lot across from Brewed has an excellent mural situation happening, so I talked Georgia into being my phOOTDographer after we caffeinated. This dress is an old ModCloth item–if you can’t tell, the skirt is a crayon print. Tights are We Love Colors, shoes are from Amazon.


Gah I’m running out of time so I have to make this snappy–Zach will be landing soon! Okay so very speedily, today my aunt and I went to The Local Cow for some deluxe burg and fry action. Main Street in Gresham is so adorable it could be inside a snow globe, and this restaurant was no exception. We split some Salchicas y Papas, which are housemade fries, fried peppers, andouille sausage, and chipotle mayo. With a list like that, how could they be bad, right? Well they were not bad in the slightest, and my aunt kept saying, “these are the best thing I have ever had!”. The fries were perfectly crisp, the peppers and chipotle mayo provided a slow burn, and the sausage was like “sure why not, I’m also delicious so let’s make this a party.”

My burger had pimento cheese, bacon, and jalapenos, and it was super tasty. It could have had a buttered bun or maybe some mayo to add a little cohesion, but was otherwise perfect. The fries were slightly better than the burger, but I would definitely go again and plan on splitting a few things with a friend. The other fry options include garlic truffle and bacon bleu and I need those both, so I will either insist my aunt join me two more times, or try to make two friends who also enjoy thoroughly trashed-up fries.

Okay, gotta run to the airport. Love you.

One thought on “No news is actually just more bad news

  1. You look so cute, as always. I have total confidence in your skills and your smarts, so please stop beating yourself up about the job that got away. (Besides, you can’t possibly win the Guinness record for shortest stint because I have it. Back in the 70s, I was a doughnut sugarer for just one shift when they told me I was not SuperOne grocery store material because I kept losing my paper hat.) Your character is revealed during the hard times, not the easy ones. Believe it or not, someday you and Zach will look back fondly on these days as your tough start out west. You are going to be fine because you are a hard worker and a great contributor to any team. A new opportunity is just ahead. Meanwhile, you can and should be proud of what you have accomplished. Selling your house and moving across the country is a huge feat! You are finally in the part of the world where you’ve always belonged. Don’t be mizled (that’s how I pronounce misled in my head ever since Ford told us he does) by temporary setbacks, you’re grrrrrrreat! Who loves you? Mom loves you!


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