Clothes to wear, things to eat

Hey friends. I hope you’re doing super well. I’m honestly not doing that great if you want to know the truth. I think I thought moving to my dream city and getting my dream job would solve all my problems, which is not how real life works as it turns out. I knew that moving and starting a new job would be difficult, but I don’t think I pulled that thought out and expanded it and ruminated about what my daily life would look like, probably because for a while there I was positive we would never actually move. Now that we’re here, I’m wondering if we should have even come. I thought we would be like “What a great idea this was!” every night, but instead I think, “Wow, what if I ruined both of our lives forever and there’s no way to fix it?” pretty much constantly.

My job is so amazing and cool and great and wonderful and a dream come true, but it’s also overwhelming and scary and hard and I worry I’m going to fuck it up or reveal that my true self is a moron. Somehow I think that I am the best and smartest person in the whole world, while simultaneously being afraid that everyone sees the truth about what a dummy I am. The people I work with are so intuitive whereas I feel like I need a lot of guidance right now, and I know they’re willing to help me, but asking for help seems impossible sometimes. Multiple people have told me that I’m standing in my own way, but I’m not sure if I know how to get out of it.

Compounding my professional woes is the fact that we are still pretty much homeless. We have our airbnb until November 30, which I thought would give us until October 30 to find a house, because the contract period in Atlanta was generally 30 days. Out here, it’s standard to do 45, which means we should have found a house by now and if we don’t in the next few days, we need to make a better plan. Our airbnb was okay for vacation, but isn’t working out well as a long-term abode. Our neighbors above have a kid who is apparently training to be an Olympian stomper, coached by his 5 family members who are legacy stomping champs. That, combined with the fact that we have windows but they don’t exactly see daylight (which Vancouver/Portland has actually had!), has certainly not improved my mood. I’m not exaggerating when I say that most of my time has been spent in the basement crying, though I have also been eating delicious food and occasionally getting dressed.

For a week and a half we were staying with my aunt in Beaverton/Aloha (I don’t understand areas here and likely never will) (okay that is the wrong attitude to have. Let’s try: One day I will understand geography!) and got hooked on this little spot near her called Taming of the Brew. Their coffee offerings include a huge list of flavored syrups, and they’ve got a decent breakfast menu. Their food options are basically breakfast burritos (larger or smaller), breakfast bowls, or breakfast sandwiches (bagel or english muff). The owner of the shop, Marc, is around a lot and he made an effort to learn our names and drink preferences.

I looooved their iced lattes not just for the plethora of syrups (lavender vanilla! bourbon caramel!), but because they also serve COFFEE ICE CUBES. I know! I like to hang onto my iced drinks for hours sometimes, which usually means they get all gross and watered down. These dranks from Taming of the Brew just got stronger as the ice melted, which is like getting a dessert drink out of your initial drink!

Over the course of a few visits, we tried a burrito and a few different sandwiches. I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all tasty, aaaaand they’re all kinda similar too. The jalapeno cheddar bagel was super spicy and the perfect texture for a sandwich, but burritos are hefty and portable so they have their merits too.

I’m pretty sure I wore this outfit to TotB, so let’s throw it in here. The top is Retrolicious, and has tiny bikes on it. I don’t ride bikes I but I sure do think they’re cute, and this outfit matches my hair real well. I got this skirt on Amazon, along with the boots. Tights are We Love Colors, the belt is from Cats Like Us, and the jackety thing is from Ross.img_9981

We went to Nel Centro for happy hour with my cousin and her husband, and everything was sooooo goooooodddd. I ordered some sort of special cocktail and a lamb burger, and then we shared some pizzas. I managed to only spill a little bit on my dress!

The dress above is a ModCloth oldie that I got on Facebook in the swap group. It originally had some super-skinny straps, which are the bane of my existence. I had Heather shorten the dress, and then make some sturdier straps from the scraps. Scrap straps! The belt is from Amazon, and the shoes are Crocs (discontinued, but similar here).

A couple Saturdays ago, we checked out the Vancouver Farmers Market, where I got a big-ass falafel. The below dress is ModCloth.


We’ve become fond of a sushi chain here called Mio Sushi, which reminds me a lot of RuSans, for you ATLiens back home. The lighting is suboptimal, but their dumplings and trashy sushi are delicious. I’ll take a tempura-cream cheese anything, all the time.

Okay this is just a batch of orphaned photos I meant to do entire posts about and then didn’t. Please forgive me. We went to this pub called Shanahan’s and I wanted to like it but it was truly sort of terrible. It had an awful smell inside that wasn’t quite cigarettes but also not sewage or food or mold, just general badness. I ordered us this heaping pile of tots n’ fries, covered in cheese, bacon, and green onions, and while it wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t good enough to get me to come back. The tots were crispy and perfect but the fries got soggy quickly and the cheese congealed nearly immediately. I’m sorry Shanahan’s, I don’t get why Yelp loves you so much.

We thought we were going to be moving to a house within walking distance of Victor 23, so we met my aunt and uncle for dinner there last week to get acquainted. The bacon-wrapped jalapenos were the right amount of spice and smokiness, but my pastrami reuben was a dry disappointment. We may go back because yay local businesses, but I’m hoping their food improves with practice.

This past Saturday, we were headed back to the farmers market–like parked the car and everything, but then we saw a sign for the Vancouver Brewfest, and I insisted that Zach go and try all the local brews. I think this may have been the smaller Brewfest since their website indicates one is coming up in the spring. This one only had about 15 vendors, but it was right on the water so I soaked up the views while Zach soaked in the brews. I’m sorry, I had to. The fest wasn’t much to look at but I will probably never tire of living close to water.

I wore yet another ModCloth dress, We Love Colors tights,  my same ol’ jacket, and some shoes and a belt that I also dug up at Ross a while back.

I have no idea what I was doing for any of these outfits anymore, sooo we’ll skip all the exposition and go straight into the nitty gritty. Also, I’m living out of one Rubbermaid container until we have a house, so you’re going to see the same shit a lot. Like this jacket, which I have in multiple colors and wear a version of literally ever day. It’s from Ross, we’ve established that, I probably don’t have to keep telling you. My tights are pretty much always from We Love Colors, so I’ll tell you when they aren’t.

First dress is a ModCloth classic that I coveted for years and finally snatched in the Facebook group. The shoes are from Amazon and so is the belt. I won the purse on Ebay, but it’s originally from Costco which both pleases and horrifies me.

Second dress is Leota, by way of Gwynnie Bee. Belt is from Amazon.

Final outfit is a skirt I got on Facebook but I’m sure you can guess where it originated. I get that I’m not a model or even the intended body for most fashion but I feel like the skirt this girl is wearing is not the same thing I have, even though I know it is. The top was a Zulily find, the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens (similar), and the tights were probably from Avenue like 3 years ago.

Alright y’all, you’re pretty much caught up now. I love and miss you and hope you sleep well.

8 thoughts on “Clothes to wear, things to eat

  1. You have come such a long way and you have already accomplished so much, do not get discouraged now. This tendency to tailspin comes from your mother, I am sorry to admit, and I can tell you from almost six decades of gloomy prognosticating experience that one’s worst fears almost never come to pass. We believe in you. You are noble pioneers – you can do this, press on!


  2. Awww beautiful woman, i hear you and I feel you. Your friends are right though babygirl, you are standing in your own way at some point because THEY HIRED YOU FOR A REASON.
    Which means they felt that you were one of the best and baddest at what you do (insert future tense here if applicable). PERIOD.

    Say out loud what it is you want girl.

    Say it with conviction!
    And by that I mean believe that shit. Stand by the shit like a hip hop rapper and do and act within your power and capabilities to embody that.
    You put out what you get.

    We got you girl…


    • omg thank you for this and for checking in on me the other day. I’m okay, I swear I am, it’s just REAL GALDAMN TOUGH right now. You are amazing and an inspiration and I’m glad the internet showed you to me!


      • Amen amen amen, sista.

        But for real though….hit me up if you need a sounding board. I know that sounds weird to voice your problems to a total stranger but isn’t that what hotlines are? They kinda do just that.
        I’m just sayin…..

        Shoot me an email if / when you need to say some random shit to a random person [my contact page <3].


  3. My first try at this station of yours, Alison… amazing that you have put this together. I like it very much.
    Love you , Grandma


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