Clothes in different area codes

I wonder if our Smartboxes ever made it anywhere. The driver who came and picked them up seemed competent, and we tipped him $20 in the hopes he’d take care of our belongings.  I’m nervous though, because there was a disturbing lack of paperwork involved with the transaction.  We were told to make note of the container numbers, but we never signed anything and the driver didn’t even have a clipboard or whatever the 2016 equivalent is.  I would feel a lot better if he’d scanned a series of barcodes and required a password or a secret handshake.  It’ll be a while yet before we actually need the rest of our belongings so stay tuned!  Maybe we’ll get two containers full of treasure instead of just clothes and tools.

Before I finally got my act together and left Atlanta, I dreaded many things about moving. All the administrative tasks seemed insurmountable, and the more I thought about it, the harder it seemed to be.  How do you sell a house? How do you plan a drive like that? How do you bring dogs in a car with you and not murder everyone when the whining gets to be too much?  What do you sleep on the last night in your house, and then what do you do with it? The answers aren’t that hard, it turns out.  They all boil down to either 1) Google it, or 2) you just damn do it (oh or 3) Your mattress and then you drag it to the curb and then you call the county to pick it up when you’re in South Dakota).

SIDENOTE: How do people write entire books?  All I want to do is slap down 1200 words about clothes and/or food, and it seems impossible.  Also how do people write sex scenes when they know their mom will read their book?  I can barely tell you about a sandwich without being worried about embarrassing myself in front of my family and coworkers. Though I did karaoke in front of the whole company so why am I even pretending like I have dignity?  So many mysteries. /sidenote

So I did a lot of stuff and I wanted to blog about it but now it seems so far away that I don’t even care anymore.  I’m so glad to be out of the south that even talking about it seems unappealing.  Even though we just got here, it feels like so much has changed and like pwning (a typo but it still works) a house is this thing we did a long time ago when we were different people. Okay I’m being dramatic but it feels very technicolor Wizard of Oz, and Atlanta was the black-and-white farm and old Alison was the witch and she got crushed but her footwear was amazing and then I don’t know this has gone too far but I think you see what I’m saying.  I have long considered myself to be a negative person, but since we’ve been here I think every food is the most delicious food and every latte is the best one yet and the houses and trees are so beautiful and I can’t stop talking to every single person at every single place we go, much to the dismay of my companions.  The people here are just so goddamn friendly I can’t help but spill my guts to them.  Maybe it’s in the coffee shack handbook but every Dutch Bros and Black Rock barista asks me how my day has been in the most sincere way and then sometimes they give me a free drink (and not just when my card has 10 stamps THANKYOUVERYMUCH).  I don’t know if I’m different because I’m here or if people here are different, but either way I’ll take it.

Driving across the country wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be, which is why it’s so hard to blog about.  We didn’t get even one flat tire or speeding ticket.  We didn’t lose the dogs, nor did they do anything gross to the car aside from shed and get Milkbone crumbs everywhere.  We went through a whole gallon of bug wash, spent a small fortune on gas, and slept in places that probably gave us fungal infections, but we made it and now we sort of live here.  We’ve been stalking Zillow and Redfin and and yes even Trulia, but there just isn’t much for sale.  I should probably be more stressed out about that but I’m trying to limit my stress to one thing at a time, and right now I’m more focused on my NEW new job.

Last week I got to meet nearly everyone in the whole company, which sounds pretty regular except most of this company works remotely so people traveled from much farther away than I did, which meant I couldn’t complain. Now I can complain about not being able to complain!  I was overwhelmed for oh, the majority of the week and I kept wishing I could go home, but now that I’m home (or as close to a home as I have at the moment), I wish I was back in Quebec with my new coworkers.  Why can’t I just enjoy things when they’re happening, instead of in retrospect?  Is it a superpower?

So I guess I’m going to just dump a bunch of photos here and put some captions and then we can gradually try to catch up to present day.

I was going to tell you all about my last week in Atlanta but it was basically: freak the fuck out, eat food, visit Maegan and try not to cry, eat more food.

Then on the road, we stayed in awful places and then we saw beautiful things but were too tired to care.

Next up I will tell you about outfits and more food, but I better post this thing or it will never happen.




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