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Hi.  Welcome.  Things here are just….I feel like all that ever happens is stuff that is either too boring to tell you about, or too interesting to be shared publicly on the whole internet. I should go get a Diaryland and make it password protected, probably.  Okay actuallyyyyyyy originally I started this blog because I applied for a job with Automattic, and it’s necessary to use WordPress to work there.  I am sure that if my application even made it anywhere, the person who saw it looked at this blog and was like “Okay we get it, you can Google how to use WordPress but it’s clear you don’t actually KNOW HOW” and then printed out my resume specifically to throw it into the trash.

Also even in trying to maintain a semi-toned-down version of myself I’m saying too much stuff and causing embarrassment.  Why am I bad at life???  I try real hard.  A while ago I’d blogged about Brockett Pub and we went to eat there over the weekend, and one of the owners came to say hi to us and asked me to please tell her the thing I mentioned in that entry.  So I did and she was so apologetic and nice and I REALLY LOVE her so much and feel terrible for saying anything bad publicly.  She ended up comping our meal, which was just totally above and beyond what I would have ever expected or wanted.  I have gotten myself into some rough situations for things I’ve said on Yelp too, so basically I am an asshole about restaurants.  In my defense, I worked at a restaurant for two years and it opened my eyes in many ways!  My main lessons were: working in a restaurant is super fucking hard, and if you actually give a shit you can be great at it!  So I get extra irritated when I go to a nice restaurant and have a bad experience because I know that it’s possible to have both amazing food & service at the shittiest of diners (which is exactly what I worked at).

In other news, I have no idea when we’re moving.  We’re under contract on the house but I think we still need one thing to happen before we’re actually firm on the closing date.  I want to book our Airbnb, order some moving pods, start packing, sell all our shit, and generally get things rolling, but I don’t want to do all that and have the date change.  Then we’d lose money on the Airbnb and end up paying extra storage on the moving containers, and no thanks!  But if I don’t do that stuff soon, the prices are going to go up and there may be no vacancies!  I am guessing we probably won’t be homeless, but I need to be in a spot that has access to a modem, because for work I need to use a Vonage phone.  Also I haven’t accrued much vacation yet so I don’t have a lot of time to look for apartments or wait for internet to get turned on. Wahhhh, living your dreams is hard, kids.  Don’t do it.

The house had to be inspected last week, which involved carting the dogs out of the house and trying to stay gone for 3 hours.  We started at Shorty’s pizza because I’d read they had both WiFi and an outside area.  What I forgot was that our dogs are terribly behaved, and being outside sucks.  I did manage to get a little bit of work done, but I was covered in sweat, dog hair, and regret by the end of that dining experience.  After annoying every staff member of the pizza place, we switched locales and went to get some coffee.  The day had only gotten hotter, and as I pulled out my laptop, the oppressive temperature overwhelmed me and I finally admitted to myself that we would not last another hour outside, with the dogs, no matter how many iced lattes were involved.  After we drove back to our house, nearing the end of the 3-hour inspection window, we received an email informing us that the inspector actually needed 1-2 more hours.  At this time I nearly exploded, but the thought of some poor sap having to clean up that mess kept my combustion in check.  Somewhat.  Eventually we were allowed back inside, where we cranked the air conditioner all the way down and vowed to never take the dogs anywhere again.  Shorty’s does have some tasty pie, though.

Before we leave, I’m trying to do things I think we’ll miss when we’re west coast-ers. Portland has an abundance of amazing food, but Atlanta is no stranger to good eats either. I have heard people lament the lack of Mexican food (like the real kind, not just burritos) (though a quick search reveals plenty of places, so I am going to have to investigate this claim further in person) in that neck of the woods, so Zach and I headed to a spot that was rated highly on Yelp, Taqueria San Pancho.  The hours on Yelp indicated that TSP was open until 10:30, and we arrived around 10 to a closed restaurant.  I looked for another spot nearby, and we ended up at El Indio, which is open until 11:59!

El Indio had a huge menu, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the quesadillas.  I asked for shrimp and was at first turned down, but then the cashier asked the kitchen if they would oblige me, and they agreed.  Zach ordered his go-to at all Mexican places; carne asada.

While we waited we scoped out their salsa bar, which is probably normally great but was looking sad by the time we were in there.  I did try the habanero salsa, which started out smoky and finished with me regretting my choices. The shrimp quesadilla was big and delicious, though a little plain.  I had asked for some jalapenos and onions but I think the gal was thinking “yeah them shits are on the salsa bar”, which was fine, and totally worked.  Zach’s carne was excellent, according to him.

The next night, we were determined to try San Pancho so we left the house earlier than we had the previous eve. We rolled up at about 9:40, and people were inside, but the signage all said “closed”.  We vowed to never eat there, because they clearly didn’t want our business.  Upon further inspection, their sign says they close at 9:30 or 10.  I guess it depends on how they’re feeling each day.

Okay so FINALLY the day after that (whatever day that is, I have no idea anymore), we went for lunch, which is definitely prior to 9 pm, and they were open, and we took back all the negative words we’d said about them the nights before.  I ordered chorizo nachos (nachrizos?), and Zach again had some carne asada.  The nachos looked puny, but they were deceptively bottomless.  (Or is it deceptively bottomful, because they appeared to have a bottom but in fact were infinite, and that was the deceit?)  As much as I tried to cram them in my face, more chips and goop remained.  It was a good problem to have.  Zach liked the beef at El Indio better, but I blame his choice to get the meat whole instead of sliced.  I’m willing to go there again to see.  For science.

Okay, now it’s clothes time!  I’d seen this dress on ModCloth last year and missed out on it, but someone had in the clothes swap group so I jumped on it. The shoes are Nine West, from Amazon.  Earrings, as always, are It’s Fashion Metro.  You can clearly see how my bra will forever be hanging out the side of my damn clothes, but at least I look semi-ok from the front.

This strawberry stunner is another one from ModCloth of yore.  I have a strawberry tattoo, so I felt EXTRA matching wearing this.  Earrings are It’s Fashion Metro, and the shoes are Miz Mooz.  (similar here)IMG_7523

Well I meant to publish this Wednesday but to paraphrase Blanche from the Golden Girls, better late than pregnant. Talk to you soon, I hope!

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