Hello, world.

Ugh you guys, I’ve been dreading blogging.  I used to look forward to it every day, and then I thought maybe every week would suffice, but when I put something off long enough I start to forget why I even enjoyed it in the first place and doing it again seems like a punishment.  Bloggin’ is complicated for me because I have a tendency to overshare (I know, you’re all gasping in shock), but I have so much shit I shouldn’t be telling the whole internet about, but I also really WANT to tell you!  Basically things are all weird right now because we’re verrrryyyyy close to moving but not quite close enough and this is the thing I am worst at in life–sitting back and letting time do its thang. I wish I could reference a less embarrassing song lyric but Tom Petty’s thoughts about the waiting being the hardest part are pretty much my entire life motto.

It is looking more and more like we will meet my goal of being on the west coast by October 1, and maybe even by my birthday, and I should be super excited (and I mean, I am!) but it also doesn’t seem real.  I have wanted many things in my life (like pretty much anything you can think of, ideally all at once), but I don’t know if I have ever wanted anything as much as this specific thing.  It’s terrifying, because I know real life seldom lives up to expectations.  Even I, champion of the “low expectations are the key to happiness” mindset, still end up disappointed frequently.  I have been to the Portland area a zillion times, but I was on vacation for every single one of those times.  Having a job and owning a car and paying property taxes and dealing with the reality of 6+ months of gray skies is probably not going to be as fun as 4 nights of karaoke and happy hours, if I had to guess.  But even though Atlanta is often sunny and hot, and I have wonderful friends and a cute house, and I know where all the good food is, I still have a feeling I’ll be happier living in Washington.  If not because it’s objectively better (it is), then because I worked hard for it and made it happen and will be able to see my sister and cousins and parents whenever I want.  Okay and maybe I’m pretty excited about the Burgerville sundaes and  Stumptown Coffee too.

It’s been so long since I talked to you that I don’t even know what to tell you about anymore!  We haven’t been cooking much, because we’ve (well, Zach has) been working on the house to get it ready to sell.  I’m not a good helper because I can’t leave the house without spontaneously combusting right now, so Zach has been doing the work all alone.  I guess I should have been making him dinner, but making dinner is also hot.  We’ve taken to checking Vancouver’s weather when it gets unbearable here, and instead of saying “It’s soooo hot”, we just say, “64 degrees right now.  I can’t fucking wait.”  We did end up with too many eggs so I’m going to make a quiche tonight! Unless Zach doesn’t read this and starts making it.  If that happens, I won’t stop him.

Hey look I used up a lot of words to not say very much stuff!  I’m getting back in the swing of things already!  In that case, let’s talk about clothes.

This little number is so cute, but I was constantly checking to make sure I hadn’t accidentally yanked off one of the buttons.  Those dang daisies got caught on everything, it made me kind of hate the dress. However!  It looks like Joann sells some decent replacements, so maybe my goal will be to break some buttons off so I can buy new ones. Though, if I’m moving away and won’t have Heather to fix all my clothes for me, I should probably hurry up and do that before we hit the road.   The dress is Fervour by ModCloth, but I got it in a clothes swap group on Facebook.  The belt came with a different ModCloth dress, the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens (which I got on Amazon but apparently ModCloth also sold because of course they did), earrings are from Target, and the glasses are Zenni. I probably put this on for the photo & a drive to Chick-fil-A (I am trying to eat it so much that I start to hate it so that I don’t miss it when we leave), and then took it off.

Next up, we have the lamely-titled Retrolicious brand “What Does the Fox Wear” dress, also from ModCloth. Y’all, I’d bid on this dress on Ebay and ended up losing, and I was pretty pissed about it because I prefer to focus on dumb things instead of real problems.  Lo and behold, the person who won it didn’t like it and ended up selling it in the clothes swap group!  I was so stoked, until I remembered the world is mostly a terrible place.  But yay, pretty things! The belt is from Amazon, along with the shoes.

Coming in third, we have a Sunny Girl brand dress I got on Facebook somewhere.  Sunny Girl is often sold on ModCloth, and they fit well, with minimal bra exposure.  This one was only $25 and still had the tag on!  The belt and earrings are from It’s Fashion Metro, and the shoes are Miz Mooz, by way of Amazon.  These were taken outside at Maeg’s place, and I thought that li’l cloud in the window was so precious.  Or maybe I need to leave the house more often.  Why not both?

Last but not least! Look, I get it.  I’m repetitive af.  I feel bad about it, but I also know lots of people don’t read every word I say so I should probably get over myself.  This dress is yet another one that was originally from ModCloth (Ixia brand) that I got on Facebook.  The belt is the same Amazon one from above, and shoes are once again Miz Mooz. See? Predictable.IMG_7101

Okay guess what!  I actually have two more outfits to show you but I have a lot of words that go with them, so I’m going to save that shit for its own post.  BLOG FODDER!  So exciting!  Talk to you Tuesday or so, bye.


8 thoughts on “Hello, world.

  1. I can relate to everything you’re talking about, minus the clothes. It’s scary. I’m 5.5 months ahead of you, and yes this is my experience, it has been better than I could’ve imagined. I think following your heart and moving to where you know you’ll be happier is wise, smart, and courageous. Life is too short to stay where you know you’re not at your best. Geographic changes are fantastic!!! I’m proud of you for following through. I wish you nothing but success and hope your house sells quickly and at a good price, and that your move across the country goes as smoothly as possible. Much love to you and Zach.


    • I’m so glad to hear that! I think I’m pretty lucky in that I’ve already got a huge support network there plus a job, so I’m optimistic that it won’t be tooooooo terrible of a transition. Thank you for your kindness, and for being such an inspiration! You started it all! ❤


  2. I daydream about moving to Portland all the time. Its my “hey if I have an ugly meltdown and need to go hide above a silly hipster coffee shop and make artisional bread’ happy place.


  3. There you are! I’d wondered why I hadn’t seen any of your posts!
    Yeah blogging is hard work and often a pain in the ass but to your point, don’t dismiss all your hard work!
    Adjust your blogging routine if you need to but don’t quit on us!
    😀 😀 😀


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