Pizza, Pancakes, Pool: Weekends are Cool

Amazon is supposed to be dropping off some skirts and bb cream, and of course since I’m home all day they haven’t shown up yet.  When I went to an office every day, they unfailingly delivered everything 10 minutes after I left the house, so that my parcels could sit and tempt passersby all day.  I do admire UPS for their creativity and commitment to hiding packages.  Once they masterfully stowed a rolled-up 9×12 rug under my completely regular-sized welcome mat (as effective as “hiding” a sheet of letter-sized paper under a post-it note), surely fooling anyone who would have otherwise been tempted to steal my purchase.  Our postal carrier refuses to even try, and seems to take pride in arranging tableaus that most efficiently showcase every item we’ve bought for maximum visibility, despite the fact that we have hedges that would perfectly conceal any delivery.

For the most part, working at home has been everything I ever dreamed of.  Bras are a thing of the past, I get my coffee the way I want it every single time, and I can poop in privacy without first waiting in line.  The downsides are mostly mental; I feel extremely sleepy when 6 pm comes, even though I’ve essentially added hours of free time to my day. It’s also hard to overcome my inclination to just never ever leave the house, so I’ve been making an effort to get out as much as possible.

Last week I managed to get over to Maegan’s one night to hang out with her and visit the cats.  I think I touched multiple cats this time, and none of them scratched me or did anything scary so this is progress!

I also made Maegy take a bunch of photos of me because these opportunities are fewer and farther between.  It was a little dark so mostly these are not great but I will share anyway since I made her go to all the trouble. The dress is a ModCloth item I got in the clothes swap group.  It fits sort of oddly but as you can see it didn’t stop me from wearing it out, exposed bra and all.  The belt was an Amazon purchase, the earrings are from Cato, and the shoes are Saltwater Sandals.

Saturday, Zach and I headed over to Costco and stopped by Galla’s on the way.  I can’t resist the siren song of their over-cheesed pies, and I must have been feeling extra gluttonous because we got mozz sticks too.  Zach isn’t a fan of their sticks, and I agree they’re often under-fried and not melty enough but I keep getting them anyway.  We stuck to our usual and got a large pepperoni and black olive, and I’m praying to the pizza gods that there’s at least one piece lingering in the garage fridge for my dinner.  I normally hate leftovers, but I will eat Galla’s forever, regardless of age. I even made Yelp’s review of the day with my review of their pizza, and I stand by my comments.

I took a huge risk and wore a white dress, and I managed not to spell one single pizza molecule on it!  This is a first, and a day I won’t soon forget.  Also I should probably never risk it again, and whatever god is responsible for spillage will likely soon require repayment of this favor. I got this eShakti dress on Ebay, after getting into a bit of a spat with the seller.  I saw I won the auction right before going to bed and figured I’d pay in the morning.  When I woke up, the seller had emailed me saying, “If you’re not going to pay, just let me know so I can relist the item.”  I told her, “Fine, go for it” and she canceled it, but then two days later Ebay told me to pay for it so I did and I guess now I own the damn thing.  The belt and shoes (Miz Mooz, similar here) were Amazon finds.  The earrings are from Cato again.

On Sunday, Zach awoke with a craving only a Dutch Baby could fill, so we headed over to the Original Pancake House.  I did not wear what I would call an “outfit”, but the OG Pancake doesn’t have high standards so it was okay.  I ordered banana nut pancakes and a side of sausage, which in the retelling is a very phallic meal.  The pancakes were perfect as always, but the sausage was a little funky.  They used to serve a large single patty and this time I got two anemic-looking patties, that tasted vaguely of spam.  The Dutch Baby hit the spot, though.

Other than that, I tried to spend as much time poolside as I could.  Or pool-immersed, I guess, as sitting right NEXT to the pool seems like a punishment in hell.  We managed to avoid all other pool members for the entire weekend, and it was glorious.  I’ve been relishing the opportunity to wear my fatkini while it lasts because I doubt we’ll have this much unfettered access to a pool once we’re living in Washington.  Zach vacuumed the pool one night, so we turned on the pool lights and stuck around after dark while he finished that up.

Regarding my bathing attire: the top is from Monif C, from last year.  The bottoms are also a year old, from Swimsuits for All.  I got a lot of inquiries on Instagram about the top and its boulder holding abilities, but I have to be honest–it’s not the best.  A halter is a terrible idea for anyone with any rack to speak of, because it puts all the stress on your neck.  It’s also nearly impossible to shop for bikini tops because the size charts tend to give only one measurement, and any bra-wearing person knows you need two; the cup AND the band.  This one fits okay in the cup but is too roomy in the band and I find myself constantly adjusting it.  I got these Sanuk sandals at Costco because I am an old white suburban person, and I don’t care that they’re ugly because these shits are comfortable. They are needlessly difficult to put on, though, which is a real drawback for a damn flip flop sandal.

Okay well if there is no residual pizza, I have salad ingreds on hand but I haven’t left the house today so now I have to decide if I want to eat vegetables with dinner (eeewww) or leave the house (grosssssss!!).  I love you, bye.

P.S. Amazon just rang the doorbell FINALLY, yay!

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