Tearful Turdsday


Look, guys.  Even when I make a decision that is a good one, I sometimes still feel regret.  I do my best to change a situation when it sucks, so changing one that doesn’t 100% suck feels very strange.  I could totally have kept working here forever and been moderately happy, but the remaining sliver of unhappiness due to my geographical location may have eventually caused me to seemingly-spontaneously combust, only it would not be spontaneous at all, it would have been a long time coming.

Today there was a catered BBQ lunch, so I was able to soothe my frazzled emotions with nature’s truest cure: pork. And macaroni & cheese.  And cupcakes.  Then I was too full to cry or be sad.  After eating, I had to go do my exit interview even though I am not yet exiting.  It turns out I’m off Monday as usual, but then I’m also off Tuesday for 4th of July, so I’m down to just two more days of office chimping.  I should do one good photo excursion before turning in my badge, but I managed to get a couple snaps between my desk and HR’s.

As for clothes, you won’t believe this but I’m wearing two pieces I’ve worn before!  This may be a Clotheshog first.  I got this Tatyana skirt in a clothes swap I had at my very own house.  I really like it, but I don’t think I like it ON ME. I’m too round and stumpy for long skirts.  Also too short, because this isn’t even supposed to be a long skirt, I don’t think. (Previously worn: here) The top is a ModCloth I scored at Ebay.  (I wore it previously here.) I buy earrings from basically only one place.  Shoes are Chelsea Crew, by way of a Facebook-hosted “boutique”.

Lunch is about over so I bid you adieu.  Happy Friday eve!

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