Okay first of all, I have been putting off writing a post because I have one thing that I really really want to talk about but I can’t yet because it isn’t all the way officially official, and I hate to even be like that but I would feel like I was lying if I didn’t tell you that A THING IS HAPPENING but it is a secret for only a little longer.  I promise tomorrow I will tell you. You won’t even actually care, but you’ll pretend to be happy for me because you are nice and also really good looking.

Did you have the best weekend?  Mine was pretty righteous.  I got to go swimming multiple times, and only briefly encountered other pool patrons.  There was also a lot of food and coffee and lazing about and even socializing.  I left the house multiple times, y’all.  Up is down and down is up and anything could happen!

I think I will just tell you about one or two things and save some of the other stuff for later. So, Sunday, Maegan and her boyfriend Alex took me out to lunch at Community Q while Zach brewed a batch of beer.  I love their food and Zach does too, but he hates their atmosphere because they try to hustle you in and out while still charging a sit-down-meal price so we rarely go.  When I worked closer, I would go for lunch somewhat frequently, when that hustlin’ is actually beneficial.  I nearly always get the chicken salad sandwich and mac and cheese, because they’re both perfect and I usually get two meals out of that combo.  The chicken salad is full of grapes, pecans, and big cubes of smoked chicken. You can order it atop lettuce, or between two slices of Texas toast WITH lettuce, so obviously I choose the one that has more bread and fewer vegetables.  Their mac and cheese is the best in all the land–saucy, rich, and full of melted cheese.  It’s about $10 for both, and I cannot and should not ever finish the whole thing.  The restaurant is heavy on the farm animal decor so if you’re uncomfortable being reminded of what adorable creatures you’re eating, you may want your meal to-go.  I don’t mind a bit and usually want to high five every pig in the place as a thanks for their delicious, smoky sacrifice.

After we ate, we decided coffees were in order, to stave off any lunch-induced nap urges. Despite passing it many times, I’d never actually been inside Chocolaté.  I wish they had another “t” in their name, because then it would make a lot more sense as a coffee shop, but I’m not the boss of them.  Their menu is impressively large, though the prices are slightly steeper than I’d care for.  I guess you have noticed, but my ideal establishment would give me everything for free and smile while doing it.  I ordered an iced Nutty Irishman, and it was decent but didn’t taste particularly nutty, or Irish.  There was a decent dessert selection, and Maegan shared a turtle brownie with me.  I am always leery of baked goods in a case, but the brownie was fresh and not too sketchy.  It’s a cozy spot, and if I’m near Emory and need a laté (which is not a thing), I would visit again.

After that, I made Maegen take my photo even though I was very full and dying of heat stroke.  I got this skirt in the swap group, but it’s a Lularoe.  I haven’t had any of their items before, but this skirt was comfortable and I’d definitely consider buying more of their stuff if I found more cute prints.  The top is from Amazon, and so are the shoes.  I grabbed the belt at Ross, and the earrings, as always, are from It’s Fashion Metro.


I have more stuff to tell you but I dinner is almost ready and Zach goes out of town tomorrow so I want to hang out with him.  You’re cool too!  But he’s my husband and stuff, so, you know.   Talk to you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “SO MANY THINGS OMG

  1. Several things: I always love your FB posts but have never read one of your blogs. What have I missed besides learning that Community Q has chicken salad?!!!! The other is my guess about your news – I think it’s food related and maybe that you’re launching some sort of food biz? Whatever it is, I wish you luck and can’t wait to hear about it. Finally, your outfit is adorbz, as always!


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