Today has been a real boring day, but in the good way.  I’ve got a load of towels in the washer, the oven is heating up so that I can make a pizza (do you have a favorite frozen pizza? I know how that sounds because frozen pizza is pretty grody but if you haven’t tried Home Run Inn, you should definitely rectify that immediately.  They don’t know me and I’m not even the cool kind of blogger who makes money or gets ads or what-have-you, I just really like that pizza a lot.  Zach makes fun of me because I eat it nearly every week when he goes out of town, even though I’m old and tomato sauce hurts my stomach. When you’re old you know enough to buy antacid in bulk at Costco so it all works out, as long as you/I remember to actually take them on pizza night.  Which can be every night when you’re old so really the pros outweigh the cons here.), and I have a piece of strawberry cake for dessert that my girl Maegan so kindly gave me, so everything’s coming up Alison.  Also today Jes gave me her Blue Apron box because she forgot to cancel it so I ended up with a a box of stuff to make three recipes!  Oh shit I just remembered that I even got a free iced coffee at West Elm today, so I’m the best at free things today!  Too bad it’s not Friday because then I could have titled this one “Freeday.”

Today I wore a dress that is nearly identical to another one I wore recently, which I didn’t realize until I was looking at my Instagrams.  They’re even the same-ass brand, Leota, which is one of my faves.  They have cute prints (though apparently many of them are polka dots), the fit is great, and they’re easy to wash aka I don’t have to iron them or worry about them shrinking.  For the record, I paid nowhere near the amount listed on their website, which is highway robbery, even for a dress I enjoy.  My coworkers photographers usually take several shots when we make our daily photo excursions, and today Meka got some pretty embarious ones so I’m doing you a solid and sharing one with you.  Also yes I just invented a portmanteau for a thing that is both embarrassing and hilarious, please put it into circulation asap.  I’ve been working on getting people to say “drated” (as in, “Got damn it’s hot outside, I need some water!  Gotta stay drated!”) and it’s going pretty well, so I think eventually I’ll be known as one of the finer slanguists of our time.  Boom, another one.

This dress came from Gwynnie Bee and I was begging them to let me buy it before they’d even decided on a price.  I think it was about $45 or so, which is just about the max I want to pay, ever.  The belt came from another dress that I don’t have anymore.  Shoes are Swedish Hasbeens, from Amazon.  Earrings are some cheapo brand I got at Burlington.

The piz’ is on!  Talk to you tomorrow. ❤


3 thoughts on “Yawndry

  1. Newman’s Own Uncured Pepperoni Thin & Crispy Pizza is the best and drated is on the cusp of sweeping the nation. I can feel it.


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