The perils of latenightblogging

I was determined to do that Detroit post while I was still technically on vacation, but my time management skills seem to have been damaged in transit.  We arrived home later than anticipated thanks to the joys of standby travel, and after eating and swimming it was somehow tomorrow?  I’m not sure how it happened but I didn’t care for it. While reviewing what I posted last night, I remembered all the stuff I meant to tell you about so I’m going to do that now.  Consider this Detroit: Part Deux.

As mentioned previously, like mere seconds ago, flying standby was apparently created by Beelzebub himself.  Zach works for an airline, which people hear and think “Oh wow!  You must get to travel all the time, how exciting!”  But the truth is, we get to travel never because traveling is a pain in the ass and makes us want to die.  Despite the decade-long employment at the airline, we still rank below every single person on the standby list.  I become rage-filled when I see the hire dates of the folks before us; I think some of them were on Orville and Wilbur’s very first flight.  There is no consideration made for being there early or booking ahead–we could book a year in advance and someone who was hired the day before Zach could make his reservation for the same flight while waiting in the security line and would still get on ahead of us.  Over time, things have actually gotten worse since the airline now oversells every single flight.  We used to brag to people that we could get them a buddy pass, but now I would only offer a buddy pass as a way to friend-dump someone, because there is no valid purpose for such a thing besides prank or punishment.  The whole thing is even worse for me, since I’m a big fat scaredy cat.  I am an experienced flyer, but in my advanced age I have become terrified of it anyway.  The fact that airline seats are teeny tiny and my ass is big and fat makes the whole thing so much worse, because I just sit there being uncomfortable and terrified for the duration of the flight.

We arrived at the ATL airport with plenty of time to spare, but the flight was full and we were turned away.  We went back home and tried again an hour later and were rewarded with exit row seats right next to each other–a rarity!  On the way home we arrived late to the airport, which didn’t matter because the next flight was overbooked anyway. The one after that wasn’t looking too hot either, but a connecting flight got delayed and there ended up being room for us.  I’ve been given a seat assignment only to be summarily yanked out of my seat when the paying customer arrived at the gate, so I can never relax until the airplane door closes.  Yesterday they were taking an exceptionally long time to leave the gate so we were coming up with game plans involving hiding in the bathroom or an overhead bin, but the door eventually closed with us still aboard and we were home by 2 pm or so.  Okay and while I’m still on the topic of flying: who are you people wearing stiletto heels or complicated boots to the airport?  Do you not know that airports are big and you’re going to have to take off your shoes at some point?

To be fully transparent, I am not a great traveler.  I’m not a particularly easy-going person in real life, and Vacation Alison is no better. Making a travel plan seems like a cool, organized thing to do, but then when I miss out on a thing I’d planned on, the trip can feel like a letdown.  I didn’t know much about Detroit other than what I’d seen on Robocop and Sweet Juniper, and figured Yelp could be our tour guide.  We never get to walk places when we’re home because Atlanta is a sidewalk-less wasteland and everything is far apart, so I love walking as much as possible when I’m in a different town.  Detroit has such a reputation for being a dangerous place, but when we were strolling around we didn’t feel at all uneasy or unsafe.  However, after discussing our mutual feeling of okayness, we then checked the crime stats for the area and collectively sighed with relief that we made it out alive.  Them streets is dangerous, apparently, even if they’re deserted.  I didn’t want to talk about the trip and not give you more photos, but I’m not sure if more photos are actually an incentive so don’t worry, there won’t be as many as yesterday.

Okay so all of that happened and then we were home and I put on clothes and we went out to eat at Pea Ridge again because their food is just so ding dang good.  I won’t go on and on but I will brag to you about the foods my body has now used for fuel.  The zucchini feta fritters, henceforth known here as zucchini frettas, continue to amaze. The past few times these have been pretty wet, which may have been on purpose but gave the unpleasant impression of being undercooked.  This batch was much drier, leading me to think they may have salted and drained the zukes this time around.  I ho-heartedly approve.  Zach got the burger with gruyere and a side of tater chips, and I got the cobb salad again.  I added a half baguette because I love bread and it was only a buck.  When this basket of grilled greatness arrived at the table, I couldn’t believe it!  The bread was delicious and perfectly charred.  They should probably just start giving these out at every meal if they care about me at all.

I originally wore a skirt and top on the plane, but I was so glad to be in my own house I had to immediately get out of my travel outfit and flop on the couch, so I have no photos to show you of that.  Also I sort of didn’t want to show you because it was the same skirt I’d worn the day before and I didn’t want you to think I’m gross but now you have the whole story and are clicking “unsubscribe” I bet.  I changed into a dress to go get lunch but I couldn’t find one single picture I liked, so I’m showing you one I don’t like.  The dress (from the clothes swap group, originally ModCloth) itself is cute and has pockets (!!!) but I feel so boring in a solid color.  I also have long been afraid of wearing white shoes, due to watching Serial Mom at a young age, and in all honesty I don’t generally think white shoes are even cute (I’m sorry if they’re your favorite!  I bet the ones you like are perfect and not terrible!) but I wanted to try to branch out this summer so I bought some white Kork Ease on eBay, figuring I wouldn’t be able to resist their nurse-y hue if they were my favorite brand.  I gotta tell you, I still don’t like them.  They look like they belong on an elderly person.  Which is not bad!  Elderly people are awesome and I hope to be one some day!  It just isn’t the look I’m trying to cultivate currently.  Also the white belt (Amazon) has the same issues as the shoes, so this whole ensemble is never going back in the rotation.  You can hardly tell they exist, but the earrings are some I found on Zulily.  Also I haven’t even put shampoo anywhere near my hair but already the pink has come out, and some mysterious green has appeared, but I’m pretty okay with all of that.  Mood hair, maybe?


Okay we’re almost done I promise!  Today was back to life as usual, with an alarm clock and responsibilities. Luckily my girl Maegan came through and made me a delicious panino for lunch today.  Literally, this girl pulled out a panini press and whipped me up a turkey, manchego, avocado, and tomato on soft potato bread.  I took a photo but it didn’t even do the sandwich justice, so just trust me that it was a beaut.

For back to life, back to reality clothes, I figured I’d tone it down a notch and just wear the entire rainbow of colors.  I got this Retrolicious skirt on eBay a couple weeks ago and had the hardest time narrowing down an outfit since the options were so plentiful.  I had this blue scoop neck top in my dresser (lol like I have a dresser, it’s a purple glitter Sterilite I got at Target when I went away to college in 2000) and it still had the damn tag on it so I figured now was as good a time as any to try it on.  In addition to the top, the shoes and belt are also from Amazon. My lovely photographer Jes will soon be moving to Seattle so I’m trying to get her to take as many photos of me as possible before she goes.

I am going to get into the tub for a while, and tomorrow I can tell you about whatever bath bomb I decide to go with. Actually I think I only have one let but I guess you’ll find out later.

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