Bomb-Azz Reviews #3: Sex Bomb (plus clothes and food because come on, it’s me)

Well that was certainly a lengthy title.  It turned out I had two varieties of bombs at my disposal, but two of ’em were the same, so I used one of them and took a bunch of photos until the water was cold, and then had to refill the tub. The things I do for you people!  Just kidding, you guys do a lot for me too.  For example, there were 420 views to ol’ Clotheshog here yesterday, and I owe that all to you.  Or maybe it was my mom, refreshing the page to make me feel good about my choices.  Thanks, mom!

Sex Bomb was the first Lush bath bomb I ever heard of, and the online description makes this product sound more like a luxury self-care experience than a fizzy ball you throw in your bathtub.  Personally, I rank it somewhere between Calgon and a massage; it’s a nice-ass product, but a product nonetheless. Mostly these bath bombs make me long for a bigger tub.  Like maybe one that I can stretch my legs all the way out in?  My dream tub would be Francis’s from PeeWee’s Big Adventure, but I’d be satisfied with something between that size and standard household tub size.

I am way into sweet, floral aromas, so the jasmine-scented Sex Bomb is right up my alley. (Tom Jones becoming stuck in my head was just an added bonus.)  While the smell of this bomb is intoxicating, there are some negative aspects of this particular item.  The dang thing stained the shit out of my tub, with both purple and pink dyes.  It’s nothing a little Clorox can’t handle, but it’s still annoying considering the steep price tag on all Lush products.  I also don’t care for the Georgia O’Keeffe-esque flower in the middle of the bomb, not just because it triggers my trypophobia (oh god Googling that never works out well) but because it’s made of rice paper which isn’t my favorite bathing partner. I don’t really count Fishing Wet Paper Clumps Out of the Tub in my top five hobbies, but if you enjoy it then by all means get this bomb.

Sex Bomb is still my favorite despite the negatives, because it smells so gawl darn good. Not only does it scent the bath water while you soak, but the entire bathroom and my whole entire self were also pretty sweet-smelling for hours after I evacuated the tub.  You could probably cut this bomb in half and get two uses out of it, but I’m a glutton in all things so I will likely continue to use a whole one.

After I got all pruned up in the tub, Zach made some chicken satay and shrimp basil rolls for dinner. We are terrible at eating vegetables so the goal last night was to cram as many of them into one item as possible, and then drown the whole thing in peanut sauce.  Okay maybe that wasn’t Zach’s plan, but it was definitely mine.  I’m pretty sure you could cover a bath bomb in peanut sauce and I’d devour it happily.


Since it’s Friday, I wanted to be colorful, but without exerting the effort of putting on multiple items, so I decided on one of the few dresses that I can wear without a belt.  I ordered this one (along with 2 skirts and another dress) from Swak Designs and had high hopes, but ended up selling everything I bought except for this piece.  The items’ sizes varied wildly–I wore anything from a 1x to a 5x in their dresses alone!  The shoes are Kork Ease (yes again), and I picked these earrings up at Target maybe 5 years ago or more.  The coffee is Starbucks cold brew with vanilla sweet cream, and I highly recommend it as long as you ask them to add an approximate buttload of cream.  I had one in the Detroit airport and it was heinous, and I think the extra cream solved all its problems.


Okay well I guess I’ll go now.  I do have some more work to do so I should do that and leave you alone.  I hope you have such a good weekend.  If you want to go swimming, just let me know and we can work something out.


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