Gotta lose your mind in Detroit

HEY YOU GUYS!! I missed you so much!  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was going to be gone for a couple days but I’m pretty sure I heard on Dateline or somewhere that you shouldn’t tell the internet when you’re going to be out of town.  I know you guys wouldn’t come bust into my house or anything, but not everyone is as trustworthy as you are.  I have so many pictures to show you and I hope you don’t get tired of looking at them.  I whittled it down to maybe 70 from 300, and the 300 was really reduced from way fucking more than that, so I went through a whole Hoarders-style depression about having to get rid of my treasures, but ideally that means you get the cream of the cream crop.  Actually probably 74% of them are of me because for some reason I looked really good in Detroit and am terrible at math.

Before we left town, I had a hair appointment.  I’ve been going to Salon Red in Decatur for about a year now and I love it, and my stylist.  She’s pregnant, though, and I was hoping to have a backup stylist waiting in the wings for when the baby was born (that sounded like such a rich person thing to say!).  Plus, I’d seen some amazing color done by someone on Instagram and really wanted to give her a shot.  I had a Salon Red appointment on Labor Day that got canceled for obvious reasons (I guess we both forgot it was a holiday when I booked–I always go on Mondays), so I figured it was a good time to try the new gal.

I found Ashley through Instagram and was so impressed by her work (okay I know how you are about links but seriously, check her out if you’re into hair at all) but I was scared she was going to cost a fortune, or that I’d be in the chair for 8 hours.  I also dread going to a new person because it’s always awkward getting to know someone new. My fears were all unfounded; Ashley was outstanding!  She was friendly, adorable, and clearly skilled at her trade. She asked me a lot of questions but was willing to give her input, which is perfect for me because I know nothing about hair.  My appointment ended up taking about 4 hours or so (give or take the commute time), but it was well worth it.  I’ve gotten a million compliments already and I can’t stop selfie-ing, as you’ll soon see.  Also included in this crop of photos is the wallpaper at the salon Ashley works at, Blowout.  Does it or does it not remind you of a patient in the stirrups at the gyno?  I would like to high five whoever got away with that design because they are a true hero.

So yeah, Zach and I took a short trip to DTW.  He goes sometimes for work and was interested in visiting the city beyond the airport, and I figured there’d be some good abandonment porn if nothing else.  We got an airbnb in Midtown and skipped renting a car because the building had an 85 Walkscore.  We relied on our own feet, and Uber and Lyft to get us around and it worked out pretty well, but if we ever visited again I’d want to rent a car.  Much like Atlanta, the city was very much built for car commuting and has shitty public transportation.  The ridesharing apps were affordable and all of the drivers were great (D’Vonte was my favorite though, he was definitely smoking some of Detroit’s finest medicinal grade herb prior to our hailing him)–so much so that it may even be a viable alternative to taking the slow-ass bus.

We stayed in the Park Shelton, a historic condo that was formerly a fancy hotel in Detroit’s heyday (Wikipedia entry). Considering it’s billed as a “luxury” condo I was expecting more in the way of you know, luxuries, but the building itself had so much character that it made up for the elevators that lacked service certificates and the wafting smell of cheap sushi from one of the lobby’s restaurants.  The condo is on the Wayne State University campus, and sits across from both the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Historical Museum, neither of which we had time to visit. Right beyond DIA is the Michigan Science Center, followed closely by the  Horace H. Rackham Education Memorial Building (which appears to be empty but according to that link is still in use) and the Scarab Club.  We are terrible planners and also enjoy sleeping too much, so we missed out on going to all of those places but we did traipse around and get photos of the outsides.  A lot of shit is closed on Mondays, which is ruining my life one week at a time.

We ate a few meals while we were in the big D (wait that means something else), and the unfortunate news is that the better the food was, the worse the photos turned out.  We went to Tony V’s Tavern and got nachos, the most photogenic dish of food on the planet, but they tasted like Santita’s $2 ONLY chips and gave me the salty mouth burn within a few bites. It was happy hour so they were only $5 though and Zach got to try some new beers.

We visited Z’s Villa later on to try some Detroit-style pizza, and Zach was convinced to try their corned beef after the menu declared it the best in the entire world.  Since Zach has not tried all the corned beeves on planet earth he cannot confirm or deny that claim, but he did say it was real damn good.  I loved the pizza, and wish I would have brought it home with me so I could be eating it right now.

Since it was in the building, we also checked out Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails.  I thought it was going to be too weird for me, but it turned out to be just weird enough.  I got to feel adventurous and still eat stuff I’d heard of, yay!  We ordered and shared the rockfish ceviche, potatoes with tasso ham, and asparagus salad, which all sound normal but included ingredients like cured egg yolk and muhammara, which is apparently a hot pepper dip.

I’m not a world traveler by any stretch of the imagination so I don’t have much to compare it to, but Detroit reminded me of maybe a post-apocalyptic Washington, DC. I loved exploring the little bit we did, but it made me wish I could have seen what it was like in the 70s or so, when people were actually visiting the museums and staying in the hotels.  I have to admit, it’s tempting to think about buying an insanely cheap, ridiculously large house in Detroit and seeing how it goes.  Everyone we met was nice, which shouldn’t be surprising but I guess I thought only southerners had that hospitality thing on lock.

Since no one was around, it was a perfect opportunity to take copious outfit photos outside without embarrassment. Here are approximately too many pictures of me that you’re welcome to skip especially since I bombarded you once already with all that other stuff. Both the top and skirt are from eShakti, but I’m not linking them because they’re dead to me.  I will talk more about this later because that’s a good thing to blog about.  The belt is from Ross, shoes are Isaac Mizrahi (got ’em on eBay), and earrings are It’s Fashion.

You guys this is taking me so long because I want to sleep but I also want to tell you all the things!  So I think I will stop now because it’s somehow 2:45 and I should probably be asleep and dreaming about ways to be good at my job tomorrow instead of wishing I was still on vacation.  My bed is far superior to other beds, and my dogs to other dogs, but vacation still ranks higher than real life, every time.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I wore and ate today, and maybe eventually we’ll be caught up.  You’re the best.


6 thoughts on “Gotta lose your mind in Detroit

  1. Hey, sweets! Just a quick note to tell ya I’m still reading/following your blog posts. I love them and YOU!! Needed to take break from FB for awhile. All good. XO

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