Hi blogfriends!  I am not feeling super well today so this’ll just be a shorty.  I don’t have any foods to show you, or even any cool stories.  Now I feel even worse!  I did wear an outfit today since clothing is still required in public, so I will show you that and then we can go our separate ways.  Also it has come to my attention that practically none of you are clicking links when I post them, and I don’t want to guilt trip you but that sort of hurts my feelings, which I know you wouldn’t do on purpose.  Anyway now I feel dumb for wasting so much time hunting down links that no one is looking at, but I simultaneously feel grateful that anyone is reading anything at all.  And now that I think about it, I don’t recall being excited about clicking links in any of the blogs I read, either, and in fact I skip entirely over the posts people write about “My weekly favorites from the web” or whatever they call it  (“link roundup”?  Is that a thing?  Should I Google this and stop asking you?). In a nutshell: blog analytics will murder your brain and make you hate yourself and everything in the earth so maybe reading them isn’t a great idea, and pretending no one at all is looking at this is better.  Ugh, that’s not quite right either because that’s how you end up dooced.  I can’t break my linking habit easily, anyway, apparently.

The day’s outfit was primarily purchased on Zulily, probably a year ago or so.  I haven’t ordered from them in a while, because of their dumb shipping cost.  They charge shipping once, based on the order total, but then you can order for the rest of the day and not pay shipping again. Which sounds generous until you think about it for .0009 seconds and go, “Wait, why would I order..again?”  To be fair, they add new items daily and a Friday order gets free shipping the rest of the weekend, so I did use that benefit a time or two, but overall I hate paying shipping.  I know, I know, it’s never actually free and the cost goes into the item or whatever, but I hate having it added on at the end, when I’ve become attached to the lower, cuter, more manageable subtotal.  The stuff I’ve gotten on Zulily has, by and large, been crappy, but there have been some solid scores and their customer service more than makes up for the products’ failures.  It’s one of those sites you have to comb through every day to see if anything good has shown up, and while that can be fun it can also be a waste of time and dollars since it’s like you’re challenging yourself to try to get rid of your money.  Since I’ve been ModClothed almost exclusively, my purchase satisfaction has gone way up, even though my spending has too.  The thrill of the hunt is great, until you realize you hate eating venison.  Or some other, better, less gross and sad analogy.

Earrings are from Target, belt is from It’s Fashion Metro.


You guys, we made it. It’s time to relax now.  I love you and I’m sorry for yelling at you about not clicking on my links. See you next week if nothing cool happens before then.


3 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. I read your blog because you crack me up… you have a natural comic gift and I’d read your hilarious opinions regarding the damn paint drying on the wall. I admit, I care not to click on links to various commercial websites, but I have occasionally clicked other, more curious links which led me to wonder where I might end up and what I might learn if I did. I enjoy your blog, and I hope you enjoy blogging a blog! (Dis Dale.)


  2. That dress is fabulous! And I’ll admit, I’m not a clicker – I’m a hoverer. I’ve clicked a couple times but apparently need to up my clickin’ game.

    (Just clicked twice. Think I might click again.)


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