Go Folk Yourself

What up y’all!  It’s almost Friday and I barely had to do anything this week!  What a time to be alive!  As I write this nightblog, I am reminded of the reason lunchblogging is so appealing: nighttime is for relaxing, man.  I’m in my jimjams and have some smooth jamz on so let’s do this thang.

My coworker and pal Jes did me a solid last week and bought me some lunch while she was out at La Fonda. (Side note: that website is sad as shit.)  I was short on ca$h money so I told her I’d repay her in future lunch.  We decided today was the day, and headed out to Folk Art on our break.

I’ve been to Folk Art a few times for lunch, and it’s been good every time. Jes is pescetarian, and they have a huge menu that includes bananas foster French toast, chicken piccata, BBQ, lamb kabobs, edamame hummus, and SO MUCH MORE.  Now that I read the menu again I think I need to go back tomorrow, because the last two times I’ve gotten the same thing and that seems like such a waste of a good menu.  FA serves the sort of food I’d serve, if I were rich and hated myself enough to open a restaurant.

We started with fried green tomatoes, which arrived on a bed of shredders alongside a cup of bleu cheese dressing. The maters were thinly-sliced, and I’m guessing cornmeal-crusted based on the crunch.  They needed a big dose of s&p, but were otherwise great. I had the veggie sandwich, which is honey wheat bread surrounding caramelized onion, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, cheese, avocado, and mushrooms (which I skipped because they are unfit for human consumption).  Pesto pasta salad was my side of choice, because I will always choose noods and the macaroni and cheese cost extra.  The sandwich is sloppy and filling, even without any meat component.  I considered adding bacon but felt like too big of an asshole after asking to 86 the mushrooms and didn’t want to ask for another accommodation. It was still a delightful sandwich, even minus the swinus.  The booths are comfy and the artwork is plentiful (I should have gotten more photos but I think I was already embarrassing Jes/myself enough with my faux-food-blogger act), though the service was a bit slow.  They have one of my fave R Land installations, so I was obligated to get a photo in front of it.

This dress was once available on ModCloth, but I scooped it up in the swap group on Facebook.  I’d read some reviews that said the fit was weird but I guess so is my body because it fit me perfectly.  The brand is Yellow Star and after typing that I just went and made an eBay alert for them in 3x, because I have a couple other of their dresses and they’re all great.  The belt is from It’s Fashion Metro, the shoes are from Amazon.  I guess you can’t see them but I promise I’m wearing earrings and they’re by Cameoko.

I was smart and saved half of my sandwich and a couple FGTs to have for dinner, and they’re calling my name.  I’ll show you more pictures tomorrow, ok?

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