Maximum matching

Whatever I type here is going to end up on Facebook so I guess it should be interesting but guess what?  IT AIN’T!  I have nothing exciting to tell you but I’m afraid that taking blog breaks on weekdays will result in this whole thing derailing.  I’m trying to keep this blog train chugging down the tracks, so doing it on the daily seems to be a good motivator. Unless we’re talking about exercise, in which case doing it daily makes me want to die. Ironic since my hatred of exercise will likely be the thing that kills me.  Well, that plus all the butter.

Since Tuesdays are my Mondays, today was not my favorite day of all time.  Probably not even in the top 5.  But nothing terrible has happened (yet) so I guess it could be worse, too. Also I got a delicious sandwich and y’all know how I feel about delicious sandwiches (in case you don’t, here is what I think: they are great).  Zach has jury duty Wednesday so he’s here all week, meaning he gets to be my pre-work photographer.  I’m sure he loves being dragged from his slumber in order to stand outside the house and take 100 pictures of me that I end up hating.

Today’s dress was my first Poshmark purchase, though it is, of course, originally a ModCloth item.  I had my eye on it for a month or so and in my head I was going to make it into a zillion outfits.  But then I got it and had no idea what to do because the colors aren’t quite what I expected.  Not only that, but the damn dress doesn’t even match itself!  This is one of my biggest fashion stumbling blocks–things that are tough to match other things to.  For instance, seersucker and gingham; do you match them to the actual color of the garment, or to the color it appears to be from far away?  Because red gingham/seersucker looks pink from far away!  So you have to decide if you want people close up to think you match, or if you want to dress for the benefit of people who are across the room.  I can’t choose!  So I don’t buy those things, and now regret buying this dumb, difficult dress.

It came with a blue belt that was too big, but the belt didn’t quite match the color in the pattern of the dress.  But it did match the blue at the hem pretty well, so I found a nearly-identical belt that I already owned and hoped for the best.  I scrounged up these earrings that another generous coworker gave me like 7 jobs ago (no coworkers at my current job have given me earrings and now I’m sad).  Originally I was going to wear some silver sandals, but I switched ’em out for these blue Kork Ease when I realized my belt buckle was gold and therefore didn’t match (the horror!).  My hair goes pretty well with the dress though, so I think I hit outfit equilibrium.

After I got to work, my beloved Maegan presented me with a beautiful and thoughtful gift, which was totally unexpected. So I guess that puts today squarely in the “Yeh” column, instead of the “Meh”.  She gave me an adorable enamel pin of a strawberry galette from The Little Tart Bakeshop, which is a delightful local bakery.  I couldn’t resist putting it on immediately, though it made me wish real hard for an actual tart.

Okay lunchtime is over and there is still work to be done.  Adios, muchachos y muchachas. Also sorry for appropriating a culture.

4 thoughts on “Maximum matching

    • Oh god, I’d say even Stevens on that shit. I usually pick an outfit at night when I get undressed so that I don’t have to think about it in the morning, but Morning Alison doesn’t always agree with Evening Alison’s decisions. And Every Time of Day Alison hates all of her photos!


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