Chimpin’ ain’t easy

Y’all, today is my two-year workiversary at MailChimp, can you even believe it?  Okay probably you can indeed believe it because other people’s professional development is sort of boring.  But for a while there, keeping jobs was not my forte and I got the axe more than once.  More than once in a row, even.  I’m still afraid every meeting with my boss will result in my being handed a box and perp-walked out, but so far they seem to want me to keep showing up every day and I’m glad to do so.  If I may be sappy for a moment here, this job has been one of the best damn things that ever happened to me. Between the coffee, snacks, people, office, and the non-soul-crushing work, it has been a quick and enjoyable 24 months.

On my very first day, I wore a ModCloth dress that I must have bought on super sale because I was pooooor af back then. Either that, or I’m still paying for it on my MasterCard.  I ended up giving this dress away to a friend and now I regret that decision quite a bit.  The shrug is from It’s Fashion, and so is the belt.  The orange fishnets were from Sock Dreams, but they’re not available in plus sizes anymore so fuck ’em.  The boots were from Payless and have now been donated or trashed. On my one-year anniversary I wore a little number I got at Ross that reminds me of Jello 1-2-3. The shrug was also a Ross find, the earrings are from Cato, and the shoes were an Amazon score.  I decided to use present tense on things I still own and past on ones I got rid of but mostly that was all very inconsistent, sorry.

Back on May 19, 2014, Zach gave me a little plant to bring with me to the office and it’s somehow still chugging along.  I have a thumb as black as night, but I have done my damnedest not to overwater this little thing.  Clearly it’s not as lush as it was those long two years ago, but hey!  It’s still got some green!

Here in the present (which will be the past when you read it, and was at some point the future because time is ridiculous and never stops) I am once again clad head-to-toe in dang ol’ ModCloth things.  If you could please tell me what other retailer stocks cute clothes up to size fat, that would be great.  City Chic is having a sale right now but I only found one dress in their twelve pages of dresses that was something I wanted.  This top I got on Ebay though it was a ModCloth item at one time (and the skirt is MC as well).  The belt and earrings are both from Target.  Shoes are Toms, by way of Amazon.

Okay you know what time it is now.  That’s right, EM EFFING SANDWICH TIME!


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