Hey pals, I am on my lunch break so I figured I would do some blog shit.  I always do my outfit ‘grams during the workday and then blog after work, but I feel inefficient that way so we’ll see how this goes. I know you appreciate being kept abreast of my plans.

Aside: On the way to work I was listening to an audiobook that used the phrase “faux bamboo” and I thought “surely there is a more fun way to say such a thing” and came up with today’s title.  Unfortunately, I don’t see this portmanteau coming up very much so I wanted to share it with you in case you have occasion to utilize it.

I would love to say that this week has brought me a renewed mood, and I guess I could, but it would break my no-lying-on-the-blog policy, so I will not say it.  Work is fine and actually I guess everything is pretty good so I have nothing to complain about but god do I enjoy complaining anyway, so that doesn’t stop me. If you ever want to bitch about something, please contact me immediately so I can begin hating the thing that is bothering you.

Maegan, my most frequent lunch pal, and I, visited Savi Urban Market (which is actually not called that anymore, apparently. Sorry!) for sandwiches today.  In case you couldn’t tell, we love sandwiches very much.  I forgot to get a photo of the outside,  but it’s brick and pretty regular looking.  It’s a great market for local goods, produce, cold cuts, booze, etc, and they also makes sandwiches and some of the best chocolate chunk cookies around.  Today I went with a soppressata and smoked gouda panino, and a big ol’ stack of cookies.  I just shoved all of that into my food area and it was all great, and was only $10.


So fuggin good

My appearance today is not nearly as great as I hoped it would be in my head when I was planning my outfit.  My hair continues to rebel against me, and I am powerless to corral it. I even brought a hair claw just in case things get dire, but I haven’t used it yet. Anyway, please ignore whatever piece of performance art is happening on my head and focus on this ridiculously cute skirt.  It was formerly a dress, but that dress smushed my boobs AND showed my bra through the armholes.  Basically boobs and clothing don’t mix, but laws exist and here I am, fully clothed.  My friend and personal seamstress (way more useful than a Personal Jesus) Heather transformed this item from something I dreaded wearing into something I couldn’t wait to wear! The shirt is just an Old Navy v-neck, the belt came with the dress, the shoes are from Torrid, and the earrings are ModCloth.  Oh we DID take this photo outside of Savi, so just look for this mural and then follow your nose to a sandwich-and-cookie wonderland.


The alarm is dinging, which means I have to go do work stuff now.  Goodbye, I love you.


4 thoughts on “Shamboo

  1. I will not be waiting around for an occasion to use shamboo….I’ve already drafted several possible conversations in my head (where I have all of my really good conversations).


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