Crank-o-tron 5000

I’m so cranky today, guys.  I was semi-cranked yesterday, but I’m operating at full crank levels currently.  A bad thing happened that I want to tell you about but can’t, and that was dumb to say but mostly I am fishing for you to tell me I’m smart and perfect and anyone who disagrees is a lying turd burglar.  I look forward to hearing your sentiments in the comments.  But only if they’re nice about me, and mean about everyone who was ever less-than-complimentary about me. I would like to drown my sorrows in pizza and burgers and pizzaburgers, but I think a Stouffer’s French Bread pizza will have to suffice, because that’s what I have on hand and going places is dumb.

HOWEVER I looked real damn cute today, so let’s talk about that.  I’d seen this dress online, and when I finally decided I needed it, it was sold out.  I don’t take “You can’t buy this” for an answer, so I got to Googlin’ and located this one on EBay UK.  Sometimes I forget that the almighty dollar is actually pretty weak compared to the pound, and the great deal I told myself I was getting was actually sort of a terrible price.  But the dress is adorable, and it has a built in petticoat so it’s fluffy without added weight.  Much to my body’s dismay, I hate eating fruit.  But fruit on clothing is adorable, and I haven’t yet found a burger dress.


Dress is Lady V London.  Belt came with a dress from Lindy Bop.  Shoes are Nine West.  Earrings are Cato.

In an attempt to make me feel better, Maegan took my photos in various settings around the building until I could muster a real smile.  I got to say snarky things about people and places, and my mood lifted a bit, at least until I decided it was time to treat myself to another latte and the coffee shop was already closed.  After I get home tonight, I think I’ll heat up my tiny pizza and eat it from the comfort of the bathtub, and then maybe go vote for myself a bunch of times. And I guess I’ll remind myself that other people have real problems, and having fancy dresses and frozen pizza and a bathtub is pretty awesome.  Oh and friends. Friends are cool too I guess.






11 thoughts on “Crank-o-tron 5000

  1. That dress is joyous! It makes me laugh to think that you were the toddler who once cried because you realized you were “going to have to get dressed every single day of my whole life!”

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    • I have! I bought like 10 of them at once because I thought they would be my new favorite thing ever. But my boobs are too big so the fabric kinda puckered around the bust, and they were really not cute on me. I even posted a photo in the Plus Size Vintage Inspired Facebook group and most people were nice but one person was like, “Everyone is lying, this dress doesn’t fit you.” So I gave them all away!


      • Hahaha! Well good for that ‘one person’ and being honest. You will find your burger dress one day🍔💟


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