One, two, skip a few…

So I have read that you should blog consistently to keep your audience engaged.  But if you’re like me and read blogs through a feed reader (RIP Google Reader, but Feedly has filled in pretty well), it doesn’t really matter how consistent people are because I get updated whenever they decide to post.  But I guess if there are huge gaps in posting, people may lose interest, or feel like the blogger lost interest in them which is real rude. Yesterday’s outfit was not blog-worthy so I didn’t weblog it.  But I will throw in some tidbits about the day here in case you were really concerned.

Since Sunday is my Saturday, I usually prefer to spend it doing nothing.  To switch things up, I tried doing some things instead.  I sort of regret it to be totally honest.  And this is the internet, so honesty is required.

A new location of Sublime Doughnuts opened sorta nearby.  Close enough that I would actually consider going, as long as Zach is driving.  When we showed up, they were down to about 4 flavors of doughnuts.  You would think I’d be satisfied with any and all doughnut types, but you would be wrong.  I was really only going for the Reese’s doughnut and a Cloud Coffee with caramel, iced.  I had a Cloud Coffee (I don’t even know what that means but they insist upon it) a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so this was a very important trip to Sublime.  Not only were they out of my desired doughnut, but they also did not even have any of the kinds of Cloud Coffee!  Just regular ol’ hot coffee, which is boring and can be found anywhere.  I didn’t even take a picture of anything except their neon doughnut sign, because I was cranky and the ice cream case was empty which, if full, would have been the only other interesting thing.  I think it was only their 4th day being open but damn, could y’all warn somebody that you don’t have half the menu yet?

image1 (7)

After our disappointing doughnut encounter, we wanted some real food so we went over to Tin Drum which was approximately three two doors down.  Except I guess Tin Drum has changed their menu since the last time I was there (which was probably a decade ago, so that makes sense) and I didn’t see anything I wanted.  Zach wanted ramen which they also did not have, so we went to Grub Burger Bar.  Their food was also disappointing, so no photos were taken.  Whoever their fry guy or gal is, they suck at frying food, which is a real lost art if my recent dining experiences are any indication.  Since we were already in the area, we went to The Fresh Market and spent a million dollars on three items.  Okay it was more like $70 on 10 items but it still felt pretty extreme.  They make this amazing smoked mozzarella pasta salad so I bought a bunch of that to eat “while Zach is gone this week”.  If it still exists tomorrow I’ll be proud of myself.  After that whatever we did must have involved taking a nap or being chloroformed (or both), because I can’t remember anything except going to Tava Indian Bistro for takeout when it was all of a sudden dinnertime and we had nothing to show for ourselves.

Today we had to go to my happy place, aka Costco.  On the way, we stopped for sushi at a new place called The Cowfish.  I didn’t realize it was at the mall or else we probably would have skipped it, but in the spirits of both adventure and blog material, we forged ahead. Also, that mall has a Lush so at the very least I’d be going home with some bath bombs. While we waited, Zach was very nervous about how the food would be, especially considering all of yesterday’s dining disappointments.

image2 (1)

We ordered some blackened tuna nachos, which were fried wonton skins topped with crab rangoon dip (another of their apps), tomatoes, micro greens, seared blackened tuna, and guac.  I was a little unsure about the combo of cream cheese and seared tuna, but my fears were unfounded because that shit was delicious.

image1 (8)

After killing that in a matter of seconds, we split a sushi combo.  Everything was surprisingly good for a place that specializes in burgers and is in a mall, in Atlanta.  If we were ever going to dine at the mall again (unlikely, just based on principle), we would definitely pay The Cowfish another visit.  I think I have convinced Zach to try to replicate the nachos at home, so when that happens you’ll be the fourth or fifth to know.


After lunch I made Zach take my photo, but I was sort of embarrassed because we were at the mall in front of people and I am feeling very insecure about my hair right now. I will share my sob story but try to keep it short: I had my hair colored last week and it wasn’t what I wanted, so I had it redone.  Now it is a terrible disaster of sadness and I want to cry until I die of dehydration.  But I will try to forge ahead, because my dogs need me.  And also because I want to see what happens on iZombie.

I finally wore something that did not, I repeat DID NOT, come from ModCloth.  I actually got this dress at Nordstrom Rack in Portland, OR like 6 years ago.  One good thing about getting old is that you can own things for a really long time and they barely diminish in condition because you’re all responsible.  My earrings came from Etsy, probably around the same time I got this dress.  I have no idea what seller, but you could probably just search for “thread earrings” and get pretty far (I just tried it and yep!).  My belt is from Cats Like Us, and I wish I had it in a million colors.  These shoes are my second pair of this exact color and style, and they’re Kork Ease by way of Ebay.  I was looking for these forever and when they were finally on Ebay I snatched ’em right up.  But now I’m worried they’re knockoffs, because they have broken on my third wear.  I just glued them back together with some Gorilla Glue, so I hope that buys me some time.

image3 (1)

Now that I have finally caught you up on things with me, I guess I’ll go sniff all my bath bombs.  Don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already!  Please!

10 thoughts on “One, two, skip a few…

  1. beautiful pictures! the sushi looks ah-mazing 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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