Saturday: Not the turdiest day

You guys I typed a paragraph and then it disappeared but then it looked like it was back but it was actually yesterday’s post with today’s title, and then it was actually gone except for the subject line.  Will I ever figure out blogging?  STAY TUNED.

So what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted my my own ineptitude, was that I work on Saturdays.  And you’d think that is a punishment, but I actually volunteered for it.  I get Mondays off which feels so much more luxurious than just lame ol’ Saturday- and Sunday-based weekends.  Back in the day, I had to actually drag my meatsack to the office on Saturdays, but now I get to work from home.  So it sort of feels like an extended weekend, since I get to be home for three whole entire days!

Oh but before today was yesterday, and even though I already blogged that day, more things happened if you can believe that!  So when I got home from work, an Amazon delivery was waiting.  I’d ordered a case of Cheez It Crunch’d (why the apostrophe, Sunshine?), and they finally arrived!


I have been searching for a Cheetos Paws replacement for decades now, so when I saw these in stores I was pretty excited.  They come really close to the deliciousness of Paws, but they too have now been discontinued. Since some were on Amazon, I ordered two cases of spicy and one of reg.  I should probably just go ahead and buy the rest of the stock, but I also want to live to see 34.

I thought that delivery was going to be the highlight of my day food-wise, but when I got home my husband was preparing a dinner to beat all dinners (and discontinued cheese-based snacks).  Zach (that’s his name!) travels for work, so he’s gone half of every week.  He is the cook in the house, so when he’s gone, I eat trash meals like Kraft mac & cheese or Stouffer’s mac & cheese, or the fancy $12 frozen mac & cheese.  When he’s here, though, we eat like damn hell ass kings!  Last night he grilled a lobster tail, steamed some crab legs, seared some filets, sautéed some asparagus, and baked up some gougeres.  To top it all off was some beurre blanc, aka buttery nectar you can put on everything. It was intense, and delicious, and decadent, and omg I wish I had a time machine.

image1 (5)

Okay so back to today: I was working.  But also there was a grand opening at a new coffee shop near us called The Corner Cup, which happens to be right next to one of our favorite restaurants, Pea Ridge Kitchen. So we did what any fat, hungry people would do: both!  I didn’t photograph my mocha, which was dumb af because obviously you care about everything I do, but it looked pretty mocha-y and tasted delicious.

For lunch we split the following delicious items: zucchini feta fritters with horseradish dipping sauce. A cobb salad with ranch (I have the palate of a really advanced toddler). And, a mojo chicken sandwich with fried jalapeños, pepper jack, and salsa verde on rye with a side of cabbage of some sort (I don’t know, I don’t eat no damn cabbage).  Full disclosure: we ate some of the fritters before I took the photo.

image1 (6)

So all of that happened, but then!  I got to meet my favorite food blogger of all time, Annie Marshall of the blog Annie’s Eats.  If you’ve ever eaten dinner at my house, chances are you’ve eaten one of Annie’s recipes.  I am pretty much in awe of her because she is a beautiful doctor, wife, mother of two, blogger, baker, cook, photographer, seamstress, knitter, party-thrower, and just all around amazing person.  Like, to me she is seriously a celebrity.  I’ve been reading her blog for years and sporadically leaving comments there and on Instagram, and she let me know she’d be in Atlanta and wanted to meet up.  I got a bonus too–another blogger I have been following and loving for a while now; Josie of Pink Parsley.  Annie and Josie are buds, so they both came down to Krog Street Market and we all ate some Jeni’s together.  I was starstruck so I forgot to ask if we could all selfie together.  Which means I probably sound like I’m lying.  I might as well be like “oh they’re just some bloggers you’ve never heard of and they live in Canada but we’re definitely best friends” but I swear it happened.

I wanted to look cute, but it was raining and I didn’t want to be too gussied up.  Not that I ever go full-guss, but I knew I needed to be in some relatively comfy shoes.  I got some Swedish Hasbeens on mega super ultra sale around Christmastime on Amazon, and I finally get to break them out now that it’s spring!  And break them in.  Them shits hurt.  I got this dress on Ebay but it’s originally from a store whose name I bet you can guess.  The belt is from Amazon, the earrings from Cato, and the shrug is from It’s Fashion.  Of course now I’m back at home and not wearing any of these things, but it was a good outfit while it lasted.

image1 (3)

Even though I’ve only told three humans that this blog exists I’ll keep asking you to vote for me.  Thaaaaanks! LINK

3 thoughts on “Saturday: Not the turdiest day

  1. I think your husband likes you.

    P.S. Are you telling me if only I’d waited, I’d live within walking distance of a good restaurant and coffee shop?

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