Sup Y’all

So here’s the scoop:  I need to learn how to use WordPress for like, my career, and I also want to blog about my outfits because I’m self-absorbed.  So here we are.  Or here I am, alone, because I bet no one else is even here right now.

For starters (or seconders, since I wrote that other paragraph already), I’m Alison. I am currently 33, a resident of the Atlanta area, and employed at a tech company.  That is Alanis-level ironic, because it took me approximately eight years to figure out how to make a WordPress blog.  I’m not sure if I’m even doing it.  If you can read this, I succeeded.  If a pizza shows up in half an hour, then I guess I am actually on right now.

I’ve been gramming my outfits for a couple years, but sometimes people who are my ‘gram buds tell me I should have a blog.  I am pretty…oh, let’s say judicious with my free time (because “lazy” has such a negative connotation), and I already play a lot of Candy Crush Jelly Saga so I don’t know if a blog can really squeeze into my already-packed schedule.  Also I have rewritten this paragraph so much that I have decided this is a terrible idea and almost closed the window, so that is not the most promising start ever.

So to get on with it, I wore clothes today.  I am not quite on the cutting edge of plus size fashion, but occasionally I hear about new brands.  I was vaguely familiar with Beth Ditto’s last fashion line in conjunction with Evans, but I was pretty broke back when that existed, and I was not really great at getting dressed, either, so I didn’t try any of the pieces.  I heard she had a new line and people were real excited about it, so a couple pay days ago I decided to check it out and see what she had available.

The offerings are somewhat slim (ha, jk, they’re for fatties), but since I only ever wear dresses or skirts the majority of anyone’s clothing line is automatically off the table for me.  Beth has some pretty cute leggings, dresses, and tops, but got DAMN her prices are steep.  Even though I max out my clothes budget pretty much every day, I am just not in the market for any single item of apparel that costs $300.  I would end up spilling meatballs on it or something, and crying forever.

One of the major selling points of the line, besides the obvious, is that the pieces are made ethically in the US. Just knowing that made me feel guilty enough to buy something, because I probably own about 98% sweatshop clothes.  I ended up getting the Eat Your Makeup tee, since it was relatively cheap and it has my favorite color palette: rainbow.  The size chart is crappy because it gives a size 2x as a 20/22, but the shirt comes in 18/20 or 22/24.  I have big jugs, so I went with the larger size and I think it was the right move.

I paired the top with a pencil skirt I got from eShakti, a belt from my new fave Cats Like Us, earrings from Cato, and Isaac Mizrahi sandals I got on eBay.  The ensemble was super comfortable all day, even while I stuffed my face with free burgs at work.

image1 (1)

Oh hey while I’ve got you here, could you vote for me in this contest?  I’m not trying to be a famous model because that sounds kind of terrible, but a trip to New York and some free shit would be nice, and I’m probably not going to win the HGTV Smart Home so I may as well try for something else. Thanks!   LINK


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