Day 2: Is this a habit yet?

There was a while there where I had a Tumblr, but I feel like Tumbling is a young man’s game, and I am quite old in internet years.  I’m really hoping that blogging becomes a thing I enjoy and do consistently, as if hoping will solve my lifelong motivation deficit. Okay in all truthiness, the issue isn’t so much that I lack motivation but that I get pretty obsessive with stuff.  See also: that time my Uncle Dave bought me my own website back in 2002 and I taught myself basic html.  I would make reams of notes when I wasn’t actively working on the site, of stuff I should do or try or learn about.  I would lay my head on my pillow at night, lines of code running through my head.  It got to be sort of exhausting after a while, especially since my website had no purpose.  I guess sharing outfits (and eventually meals!  I am not just a hog of clothing but of food, too) isn’t exactly a purpose, but it’ll suffice for now.

Back to the present: It’s Friday, so I am at work and dreaming of the weekend to come.  My job is pretty much the best job in the entire universe (besides getting to pick out what ModCloth sells–that person is living my dream life) so today they had donuts, bagels, and pizza. As you might imagine, they require that we wear clothing in the office, so today I got dressed!  I will spare you photos on the days I do not end up getting dressed, promise.

I had been meaning to wear this outfit for a while, but other stuff I got was way more exciting (like that top from yesterday) and got into the rotation first.  I got this top on Ebay but it’s a pretty common style on my beloved ModCloth.  While this style of top has a terrible name (“pussy bow”–WHY??), it’s pretty good lookin’ on many body types.  Wearing this I feel a bit like my mom when she went to her banking job in the late 80s, but as a huge fan of the classic movie Working Girl (and of my mom!), I’m into it.  The skirt is also ModCloth, because I guess I don’t shop anywhere else anymore because I’m boring and they’re perfect. Earrings are from It’s Fashion Metro.  Shoes are Born, by way of Amazon.  Pretty much if Amazon and ModCloth ever merge, I can just give my paychecks right over to them. Oh also my bra strap is clearly visible so that is a butterfly plunge from Ashley Stewart.  I don’t think it actually fits, but you really can never tell with bras until you’ve worn them multiple days so now I’m stuck with five of these damn things.

image1 (2)

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4 thoughts on “Day 2: Is this a habit yet?

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  2. It looks like there are pockets in that skirt, too – I would’ve worn it every other day! Banker blue and a place for the vault keys, too.

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